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January 18th 2010
Published: January 24th 2010
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1: Shaoxing park-early morning 92 secs

The much bigger and more interesting city of Shaoxing is a pleasant diversion on my few months here. It is relatively modern, but not too crowded and semi touristy but mostly famous for the locals than international travelers. The main city centre is about a square kilometer surrounded by a circular canal (sort of like a ‘mote’), with other canals criss-crossing the city. It is one of China’s famous ‘water towns’ and is very easy to walk around. (I no longer get lost here…. how boring). It is also famous as the birthplace of one of China’s most famous writers-Lu Xun. I now often walk past and thru his house on the way to somewhere else. There are also many photos in this blog of his home
This main city mote passes thru the university. The university is very pleasant with this large tree-lined canal. It is less than a kilometer walk along this canal to good local supermarket and KFC. Near my apartment is a very pleasant bridge with four towers. (I’ve probably taken too many photos of this bridge already). Also close by is a park with large pagoda/tower at top. There are many green areas -especially along the tree -lined waterways. There are tree main hills with towers on top for good views. Altogether, not a bad place to live, with a mixture of old and new.
Also the back alleys are always interesting. The new apartments stand in rows like dominos and all look the same, but the older areas show more variety in how the people have adapted to hard times and little space. Coming from a country that has some much space, I have always found this fascinating.

Here are a few more photos one some of my walks…..

Additional photos below
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Shaoxing cityShaoxing city
Shaoxing city

centre woth opera house and tower
Shaoxing Shaoxing

typical entry to old appartment complexes

2nd July 2010

Hello, I'll be teaching English in Shaoxing this fall. I'm really grateful for the pics and blogs!
28th July 2010

working in shaoxing
good luck in shaoxing. the uni was also very pleasent. even though i was not well most of the time, it was a great easy going place to walk around or just catch a double-decker bus to anywhere. john
6th October 2010

Looking for the hidden park in the city
Hi there, I moved to Shaoxing about a month ago to teach and have been exploring some of the places in the pictures. Can you direct me to the hidden park though? Thanks, Robert
12th November 2010

Shaoxing park
hi robert, Glad you like the photos. I will send details of the park to your email address

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