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November 1st 2009
Published: November 4th 2009
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By now, you know the routine. Woke up at 7, went downstairs for a buffet breakfast. This one was exceptionally exciting as they had CEREAL! We both opted for Coco Krispies, not a cereal we'd ever really eat in the states, but this was a special occasion...we haven't had any cereal since leaving the states!

As we headed out to get on the bus, we noticed it was drizzling and looked pretty chilly. YES! We'd been just waiting for some cooler weather and a chance to wear our new coats. Walking outside we were greeted with temperatures in the low 60s and rain and we both couldn't stop smiling.

We rode on the bus once again for awhile and then got out at an area where a famous Chinese calligraphers works were on display. It was all outside and surrounded by beautiful trees, water and shady paths. Once again, we didn't know much about the calligrapher whose work we were seeing, but it was beautiful nonetheless. We even stopped at a tourist stand with other teachers and bought a fan with a Chinese poem on it.

Our last activity of the trip was probably our favorite. We drove over to another tourist area and got to take small boat tours around 'East Lake'. 3 people could fit in a boat, so Maria offered to go with us, and proved invaluable with the translations and information she gave us. It was gorgeous and I actually found myself feeling COLD! It was definitely the highlight of the trip, and awesome to be experiencing things as a Chinese person would rather than a foreign tourist. We were definitely thankful for that aspect of the trip.

Lastly, we ate yet another quick family-style lunch at a restaurant and headed back to the Hangzhou airport! After waiting for about an hour at the gate, we boarded our Shenzhen Airlines flight and enjoyed a calm 2 hour flight home.

Although it was a packed four days that was often full of confusion, we are incredibly thankful that our school invited and took us. We got to see parts of the country we wouldn't have otherwise, especially not on our own...and it was free! Who can beat that? Best of all, we now know all the Senior 3 teachers at least by face and can wave and smile as we pass each other on campus.


4th November 2009

Girl you guys are missing out. I buy it and eat it all the time and it is my little piece of home I have in China. You are right I don't eat any cereal I did in the states but it is cereal and beats the trick. Sounds like a fun trip and you are correct NO ONE can beat Free.
5th November 2009

haha, i know, we should buy some! neither of us ate it enough in the states to really care about buying it here but it was exciting to get it one day:)

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