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October 22nd 2009
Published: November 16th 2009
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1: Shangyu Workday Crash Pad 52 secs
2: Shaoxing Weekend Mansion 99 secs
Near Shaoxing UniversityNear Shaoxing UniversityNear Shaoxing University

The main campus where my 'weekend mansion' is, has a beautiful small park with pagoda


After a year back home from teaching in South Korea (including holidays in North Vietnam and Cambodia-See Blog Chapters 3 to 15) I am now teaching again in China.
In September of 2009 I returned to China for my forth teaching trip. (See Chapters 1 and 2 of this blog for summary of first 2 trips to China).


I now work at a small university campus in a smallish city/town called Shangyu (about 2 hours south of Shanghai). This town is quiet and pleasant, since it has no particular attraction for tourists to visit. The students and other teachers are all friendly and helpful. Because my apartment on the campus is rather small and old, I have been given the use of a much larger apartment at the main university in the next bigger city (30 minutes away by bus) called Shaoxing.
Shaoxing is a semi-tourist water-town, which means it is fairly flat with many canals and walking bridges. The university is quit pleasant also. I use this larger apartment at weekends mostly.

Travel between
Near Shaoxing UniversityNear Shaoxing UniversityNear Shaoxing University

Waterway near park and appartment
the apartments takes about an hour, outside peak hours (about half an hour by bus and then a taxi at each end). It is not worth the hassle to do this every day in peak hours. I have Mondays off, so I have a bit of flexibility of travel.

The Shangyu apartment is a 4 X 6 metre-one room (with bathroom), first floor concrete box with one window view over top of trees, but private, with nice old topiary gardens below. There is a little traffic noise at peak hour; otherwise it’s OK with TV, computer, air-conditioner/heater, microwave oven, fridge, hot shower, etc. It is not very good for cooking; with, no bench space, only one electric hot plate where it is impossible to control the heat and one small bathroom sink for washing dishes. There was virtually no furniture shelves or cupboard space, so I now have some old school desks, which I put together to make ‘modular furniture’.

The Shaoxing mansion on the other hand has a lot of furniture and space for just me. Eight or more of the ‘crash-pad’ would fit in this apartment. It is really
Map of AreaMap of AreaMap of Area

The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest trans-oceanic bridge in the world at 35 kilometers long.
a family apartment. There are rooms that I have not been in yet! It must have at least 15 chairs (2 in the other place) and huge storage space furniture; none of I would have room for in Shangyu. It has all the appliances of the crash pad, except no computer or working TV at the moment. The kitchen (with gas stove) is very spacious, as is the lounge furniture. There are many windows on three sides of building with many windows looking down on me from other tall apartment blocks on two sides.
Since cooking and washing dishes is not practical at the crash pad, I will be cooking at the mansion, freezing meals and taking back for the occasional non-Chinese meal thru the week. I think I am getting enough vitamin MSG.

I have not done much traveling around since arriving, so there are very few photos (compared to the other Chapters on previous trips). I have been to the biggest city, Hangzhou, near here, twice, so far, and will add those photos in the next chapter soon.

Any and all comments are welcome.

Additional photos below
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Near Shaoxing UniversityNear Shaoxing University
Near Shaoxing University

This bridge has 4 towers and very little traffic. A nice place to relax
Park near Shaoxing UniPark near Shaoxing Uni
Park near Shaoxing Uni

Climbing the tower is a very tight fit, with very steep narrow stairs.
Park near Shaoxing UniPark near Shaoxing Uni
Park near Shaoxing Uni

Park and tower near university.
View from the top of towerView from the top of tower
View from the top of tower

Below to the right is the four tower bridge and to the left of the post is my appartment (not visible)
Below appartment in ShaoxingBelow appartment in Shaoxing
Below appartment in Shaoxing

Some greenery and pre school for children of teachers and workers.
Below appartment in ShaoxingBelow appartment in Shaoxing
Below appartment in Shaoxing

Seeing the children marching, holding each others shirt-tails, reminded me of the precision marching in the National Parade.
National Day Parade MarchingNational Day Parade Marching
National Day Parade Marching

After 15 years of marching at school, they become very good at it.
Shangyu UniversityShangyu University
Shangyu University

The campus has pleasent gardens
Shangyu UniversityShangyu University
Shangyu University

Lake from restaurant

17th November 2009

A Great Read John Thanks
19th November 2009

Hi from Oz
Hi John Good to see the blog up and active again. I now understand what you mean by the contrast in your 2 apartments. Seeing your photos makes me a little wistful about China again! Looking forward to my trip in May. I guess you'll still be there?

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