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August 18th 2007
Published: June 26th 2011
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Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, located at south of Shanghai, it is one of most developed provinces of China. The Hangzhou also is famous by silk, beautiful women and peaceful life, the same of Suzhou, that is why a popular saying: "There is the paradise in the sky, also Suzhou and Hangzhou on the Earth", so life style of both cities are so similar.
There are 2 main sights in the Hangzhou, the West Lake and Leifeng Pagoda.
The West lake is at west side of the Hangzhou city, around the lake have a lot of bars, shops, restaurants, museum, parks, inclusive the Leifeng Pagoda, you can always see the people from every age there, it is a really nice place to spend the time.
Leifeng Pagoda, that was the most modern pagoda I have seen, there are elevator and escalator to access the pagoda, the pagoda by itself is also a museum, inside the pagoda has a lot of art exposure, and personally I was amazed by the wood sculpture, that was so well done, so real and full of details. After walking around, we found the real and old Leifeng pagoda under basement protected by glass, so we found out the modern pagoda is built on the old one, the old one was built in the year 977 AC, fell down in the 1924, rebuild in the 2002, that is one you can see now, even rebuilt, the govern used the style from the 977 to keep the ancient beauty, at night you can see the illuminated pagoda at south side of west lake, it is a nice scene for a little romance, anyway, there are a lot of love story around the lake, specially in the old time, the feelings are treated by courtesy.

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