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February 17th 2011
Published: February 17th 2011
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We got back from holiday to find that we have another three days off, which is lovely. Gives us a chance to catch up with everything and do laundry (it takes ages, we have the world's oldest washing maching - you actually have to stand over it and hand spin it) before the term starts.

On Tuesday night, our first day back, we were in a party mood so Tarik, Benny and their friend Tom came over and we got pizza. We then went out to KTV and much alcohol was consumed, to the extent that even Tarik and I had a go at singing. I did take a video but will not be posting that one anywhere! Despite the pizza we also ordered food in KTV which felt greedy but meant that none of us suffered the next day.

Again, when we got back, we found out that a staff night out had been organised and, given that we live in Tonglu and there is nothing to do, it was dinner and KTV! Very different affair with lots of Chinese songs and not a lot of alcohol but still nice to see everyone outside of work.

Given that we also went to KTV in Shanghai with Shum (way better selection of music videos by the way) I am now suffering from overload.

Oh, and it makes me very happy to report that Tonglu is now a little warmer. I haven't worn my thermals once since I got back! Woohoo, Spring is Sprung.

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It was so cold in JanuaryIt was so cold in January
It was so cold in January

Tarik came round with his thermal PJs over his clothes
Everyone came round for dinnerEveryone came round for dinner
Everyone came round for dinner

but it was sol cold we ended up eating in my room because it has heating
Rachael was the photographerRachael was the photographer
Rachael was the photographer

but her gloves kind of stole the show!
Most important...Most important...
Most important...

Ordering food
Ah. We love this oneAh. We love this one
Ah. We love this one

We pretend it's becuase the kids like it, but really, we just all love the Bieber
Justin Bieber fan clubJustin Bieber fan club
Justin Bieber fan club

Well, ok, me, but the boys played along
Leaving on a Jet PlaneLeaving on a Jet Plane
Leaving on a Jet Plane

I think it was John Denver that eventually persuaded the boys to sing

18th February 2011

KTV's, haha
Good title and story. New to the site and just checking on various China blogs for cool places to visit and cool people who are here. I am teaching English in Dongying for a year, if I make it. Lol. Did any of the girls try to sell themselves to you afterward....? Lol Cheers! Pete, from San Diego, CA.
18th February 2011

They don't usually wait until afterwards - if the girls are going to approach you they'll just come right on in as you are singing. Luckily, the manager's of the KTVs in our town (it's a small place) know that we aren't really into that so no-one bothers us...enjoy your time in China :)

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