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June 12th 2012
Published: June 12th 2012
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Sunday, June 10th, we loaded up into cars and took a tour around the East side of Hai Ning. Hai Ning is both a city and a county so there is a lot to see within the county. It felt like we were seeing more of the "real" China - the part that reminds you that this is very much still a developing country.

We also visited Hai Ning's top tourist attraction, although it wasn't very exciting when we got there. Hai Ning is known for having spectacular tides but the tide didn't come in for a few hours after we visited. Still, it was nice to see a big body of water. I feel so landlocked in Beijing.

Sunday afternoon I went with some of the girls in my group to a local mall. Every floor had a different specialty but we stayed on the first floor where they sold (fake) bags. I was hoping to find something but it was all too flashy for me. Plus, prices were high! One of my co-workers wanted to buy a bag but they wanted 700 yuan for it - over $100!! I was like "you can get a real bag for that price..."

Sunday evening, we headed down the street to the really Western-looking plaza and went to the Australian bar. As soon as we walked in I felt so good. There was hockey on TV! I had already looked up the score to the game which had aired that morning, but I coul WATCH it! And there were two other white people. Didn't know there were other white people in Hai Ning. My supervisor ordered a bunch of beer and snacks and it felt like being at a pub back in North America. Good times. I played foosball against two of my co-workers. Then my supervisor challenged me to a game of pool. I'm TERRIBLE at pool and lost spectacularly. He then challenged me to a game of darts. I am mysteriously good at darts and I beat him quite spectacularly. Still not sure if I should let him win haha.

All in all, Sunday was a fun day!

Sunday night I didn't get a good sleep. There are zillions of mosquitos in Hai Ning and they all decided to buzz in my ear and eat
Right across the street from roostersRight across the street from roostersRight across the street from roosters

something tells me it won't be full of roosters soon
me alive. I already had a lot of bites but Sunday night was brutal. My roommate (and the girl who spoke the best English) was up very early Monday morning to catch a flight back to Beijing - she was leaving me! So that didn't help the sleep situtation.

Monday morning we took a drive around the West side of Hai Ning. There was much less to see. We drove for around 2 hours but we only made two stops and they were both very short. I napped pretty much the whole time.

After lunch, I was told that there was nothing more for me to do. They were going to have a meeting but I wasn't needed. Kinda lame. I decided to go for a walk in my area. I ended up back at that mall and decided to wander the upper floors where all the fur was. It got a little sketchy on the top floor...

After dinner, I swear to you, my supervisor said I should meet in the hotel lobby the next morning at 8:30AM. We were going to meet with the mayor of Hai Ning at
Old meets newOld meets newOld meets new

old-school hats and a new development
9AM. I swear to you he said this. This is important because the next morning I was in the hotel lobby at 8:30 and no one was there. I waited...and waited...then called my supervisor at 8:45. He was already in the meeting - they'd left at 8! See, although I now have my own hotel room, I knew losing my roommate would be bad because I'd be left even more in the dark. I trudged back up to my hotel room and decided to make the best of it by trying to find the hockey game online. For those that follow hockey, you'll know my morning ended up being AWESOME because I got to watch the LA Kings win the Stanley Cup!! So in the end being ditched was a good thing.

They came to find me for lunch. There was a new man and he ordered beers and gave me one. We had to do cheers a bunch of times which made the meal more complicated because I actually had to pay attention. The first time when he asked the whole table to cheers I had a piece of chicken in my mouth and was looking
Old-style gate but clearly newly doneOld-style gate but clearly newly doneOld-style gate but clearly newly done

old meets new all over haining
at my plate when I heard everyone clink their glasses on the lazy susan. I looked up and they were all looking at me. I then quickly finished the chicken and clinken my glass. I could hear the new man asking about me - I recongnized the word "American" and one of my co-workers say "Canadian". I feel like I let him down because he asked if I was watching the Eurocup and I told the truth and said I wasn't. My supervisor explained that I was watching hockey (I mentioned to him that I'd watched the LA game and that they'd won the championship) and I heard him use the word "huabing" - figure skating. At the end when I finished my bottle of beer he gave me a thumbs up. So I did him proud anyways haha.

This afternoon I'm going to a meeting. I am told 2:10pm is when I'm supposed to meet. Let's see if anyone is down there...

It's getting very lonely in Hai Ning. I wish I had someone with me who spoke fluent English. Being lost in translation just really sucks. Meals are getting so tiring. There's only so long I can just reclude to my thoughts. I wish this work trip was ending soon, two weeks is sooo long...


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Washing clothing in the riverWashing clothing in the river
Washing clothing in the river

suddenly the fact that I do my laundry in the shower is not so ghetto
Inside a houseInside a house
Inside a house

this guy was probably not happy that I took this photo but I've decided I don't care because it's revenge for people staring at me all the time
Walking down the streetWalking down the street
Walking down the street

we were all getting stared at, even my Chinese co-workers...we looked so "city"

12th June 2012
basket of goodies in my room

enjoy your life, lady, LOL!!!
12th June 2012
Banana hammock

so hot!
12th June 2012
Health Gentleman's socks

now I know
you should claim you're a lady at the front desk, then maybe they will give you some women's stuff, like Victoria Secret.
12th June 2012
High grade puke!!!

not puke but poker
13th June 2012
High grade puke!!!

Thank you, someone else also clarified. Puke is funnier. I'm also confused as to why poker is in a basket full of condoms and underwear...
12th June 2012

how can a canadian support an US team?
13th June 2012

I live in LA. The Kings are my second team. Besides, both teams were American in the finals...
13th June 2012

It looks pretty there! And hang on, after the trip is over you´ll be glad you had the chance to go =) Buuut gotta say that I feel ya...I felt my 8 days was too long...
13th June 2012

Soooo...2 pounds High Grade Puke pls?

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