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Asia » China » Zhejiang » Haining June 13th 2012

The afternoon of June 12th I did indeed find my co-workers and I went with them to a meeting with city officials. It had some interesting maps but other than that I was lost. I used the time to study my Chinese. That's the one good thing about these meetings -they force me to study Chinese. Because my hotel room is my sanctuary of English so I find it hard to be motivated to look at Chinese. I also came up with the hilarious idea to create a Chinese drinking game where I select a few Chinese words that I understand and drink whenever they're said. First, I need to aquire some alcohol. Some possible words are you, meiyou, yao, buyao (Jeff's favourite word!!), women, nimen...there are lots of words that are said a lot and ... read more
Overgrown temple courtyard
Pretty skylight
Merry Christmas

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Haining June 12th 2012

Sunday, June 10th, we loaded up into cars and took a tour around the East side of Hai Ning. Hai Ning is both a city and a county so there is a lot to see within the county. It felt like we were seeing more of the "real" China - the part that reminds you that this is very much still a developing country. We also visited Hai Ning's top tourist attraction, although it wasn't very exciting when we got there. Hai Ning is known for having spectacular tides but the tide didn't come in for a few hours after we visited. Still, it was nice to see a big body of water. I feel so landlocked in Beijing. Sunday afternoon I went with some of the girls in my group to a local mall. Every ... read more
View of the building housing the roosters
Right across the street from roosters
Old meets new

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Haining June 9th 2012

After the Forbidden City, I headed to CAUPD to meet up with my co-workers to head to the airport for our trip to Hai Ning. After we were checked in at the airport, my supervisor took me into the first-class lounge which had fresh fruit juice and REAL toilets with soap and toilet paper. It was so exciting. We boarded the plane around 5pm for an anticipated 5:15 departure. But then shortly after getting on the plane we were told we’d be delayed half an hour due to weather conditions. I guess in Beijing smog counts as a “weather condition”. Luckily I am reading a really engrossing book series so I just kept reading. Then we were told we’d be served dinner…all before taking off. Two hours later, we finally took off. It was such a ... read more
River and fancy subdivisions
Southern California?
Now we're in Australia

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Haining January 16th 2012

Yesterday I went with all of the other exchange students on a day trip to visit Yanguan Ancient Town. It is a historic town a couple hours from Shanghai that is famous for its historic buildings and the tidal bore that can be viewed from it. It was an interesting day, except for a couple of hitches: it was pouring rain the entire day and the ancient town didn't seem to have heating. After the long drive, we arrived in the town and started with lunch. The food was good, but the restaurant had no heating. Everyone (both our group and local guests) were sitting in their winter jackets for the entire meal. If we weren't eating food, most of us were sitting on our hands trying to keep them warm. This isn't a new phenomena ... read more
Yanguan - Tidal Bore 2

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Haining September 13th 2008

Back to Hangzhou again, this time we come to see the tidal bore of the Qiantang river, that is the same to the Amazona's river from Brazil, and they call it as "Pororoca" in Brazil. The phenomenon happens when the sea invade the river, and the river must have a funnel shape to the sea side. The tidal bore from the Qiantang river is the biggest of the world, it can reach 9 meters high of the wave. There is a show in Hangzhou, at West lake, it was made by the director Zhang Yi Mo, the same person did the opening ceremony of the Olympics games in Beijing. This show tell a story about a couple of the lovers, and also use the tidal bore of the Qiantang river as part of the show, because ... read more

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