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October 29th 2009
Published: October 29th 2009
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What a fantastic place! The scenery is amazing. The Yangtze River, a pea green colour, crashes through the gorge in places, running very fast, and in others it just meanders. The surrounding mountains are magnificent. This area is very remote, very wild, each family appears to have its own little patch, growing rice and maize. There are also lots of fruit trees, some bearing pomegranites.
This morning it was extremely cold, I had to wear long trousers, several layers, jacket and gloves. It warmed up though as the day progressed, and ended up a scorcher at 35 deg. When the wind blows it is like a hot air drier. Some of the roads are not made up and we have to ride over gravel. There have been lots of landslides. Health and safety regulations do not apply here in China, I have seen welders at work with no masks, a guy drilling into rock on which he was standing, wearing flip flops and holding onto a rope with one hand and the drill with another,very precarious.
We are staying at the Daju Tiger Leaping Gorge Hostel tonight then we are back to Lijiang tomorrow.


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