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March 12th 2006
Published: July 20th 2006
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Mama and Papa Naxi guest house is probably the best guest house in the world. This is not an exagaration, I have stayed in quite a few in my life. Several people that I have met during my travelling in China recommended me about this guest house. Normally, when there is one common opinion, it is normally true. Everyone was telling me about the family atmosphere and that Mama treats you like a real Polish mother, you should eat and a lot, until you explode. I have imagained Mama Naxi as a big and fat woman at her sixties, wearing the traditional Naxi clothes. To my surprise, she appeared as a thin lady with a short-cut hair, wearing regular clothes. She is the dominant figure in the couple and very energetic. Papa stays in the shadows. She is also the one that can speak some English. The legend became alive. At dinner, about 7 different dishes are served. I have stayed there 3 nights and each dinner was completely different from the other. The maids, Papa and Mama surrounding the people and always watch wether the rice bowl becomes empty. If it does, they immidiately fill it up. It is impossible to refuse. When one of the main dishes is getting empty, it is immidately filled up. Before we left to the 'Tiger leaping gorge' hike, she gave us each some bananas, just as courtesy. For a few days I felt that I had a second mama.

Address: Wenhua Alley #78, Wuyi Street, Dayan Old Town
Phone: +(86)-888-5185930/5100700

Mama & papa will be happy to take from Lijiang bus station. Just call them!

As for Lijiang, it is a beautiful old city with flag stones streets and stone houses. Water canals exist along the streets. Unfortauntly, I am not the only one that think like that and the city is packed with lots of tourists, most of them Chinese groups, wearing the same hat, led by a guide with the same hat as well and a flag. As it should, there are many shops and restaurants there. The city is beautifly illuminated at night.
After Lijiang, I left to the 'Tiger leaping gorge', which is a 'must' once you are in the area. It is a beautiful and easy hike, about 1.5 days. It is the only place that there are more foriegn tourists than Chinese ones. They should walk and climb and normally, they don't like to do that.
I am sure that in few years, they will have a cable car here. Already now, they are in the process of building a new paved road along the gorge. In some sections, it is strange to walk when just below there is an asphalt road. The construction atmosphere is well felt here as well as in other parts of Yunan where all the guest houses along the trail extend and build more rooms to prepare for the high season.
The 'Tiger leaping gorge' is one of the deapest in the world, reaching hight, at the maximum, of almost 4,000m. The legend says the once upon a time a very determined and brave tiger leapt from a big boulder in the river to the other side.

Bye, Sharon

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16th March 2006

Hi ya
Another interesting tale. Those pictures are beautiful....
22nd March 2006

hi sharon!i can't believe you are still traveling...the pictures are amazing but i wish you could put some pictures of yourself,i would like to see you evryonce in a while...take care
15th May 2006

Just back from there..still remember that huge banana pancake..

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