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October 6th 2012
Published: October 8th 2012
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First of all, it's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada so I want to properly thank all of my family and friends for their love, support, patience and understanding. I wouldn't be where I am today without any of it so thank you.

I should also express my thanks to Tyler. He is my rock. There aren't words to describe what an amazing person he is; I'm so lucky to have found him and to be able to go on this journey with him. I couldn't have dreamed up a better man if I tried so thank you Tyler for my morning hugs, my bed time kisses and all of the other things you do in a day.

China has surprised me every day.

I've got to admit, I've written this blog 4 or 5 different ways and it hasn't come out how I wanted yet so here I am again, CTRL + ALT + DEL, starting from scratch again.

I could take time sharing with you all of the things that impress and/or disgust me about China, but I really don't think it's my place to share my judgements knowing that what I say might effect your perception of this country. No matter what I tell you about China, it won't mean as much to you as it has to me. When I get home and I have been able to fully digest this adventure, I'll do my best to accurately convey what China has meant to me.

All you need to know for now is that China is beautiful from the inside out.

This month has been overwhelming. I can't begin to describe what I've learned or what I've seen.

When I look back on the month, there is one conversation that stands out for me that I want to share with you.

At the train station in Xi'an we were waiting to board our train that would take us to Chengdu. It was here that we met Oran, a solo traveller who just finished backpacking through Mongolia. He is from Israel and had recently completed his tenure working for the army. His passport photo was a clean cut straight-faced man but the guy who we were talking to hadn't cut his hair for months, hadn't shaved in probably the same amount of time and was all smiles heading to meet his sister and her boyfriend to celebrate a Jewish holiday. As the three of us stood in line at the train station we exchanged stories of where we had been, where we want to go etc.

Somewhere during this conversation Oran began to tell us about how a bag of his was stolen at a restaurant and he had to buy a new cell phone, laptop and some other personal items. I remarked “Oh my God, that's horrible” and his response was this: “Well it wasn't horrible, no one died or anything” and then laughed like I was crazy.

It wasn't horrible... no one died.

We didn't end up seeing Oran after boarding the train and he will never realize what that simple sentence meant to me.

Do you realize how many decisions you make in a day? How many petty things you fret over?

If you are alive, if you are capable of making decisions, decide to smile. Decide to not sweat the small stuff. Decide to live your life. If no one died, it's probably not horrible. When I said that to Oran I didn't even think twice; horrible is just another word in my vocabulary that I toss around as if it doesn't have a deeper meaning.

There are two things I learned that day; ONE: I should be more aware of the things I say, TWO: when something seems shitty, is it really that bad?

Today I'm thankful that I get a tomorrow, I'm thankful that I can run into people every day who change my life for the better.

It's hard for me to share these personal thoughts. I don't know if you understand where I'm coming from or if you think I'm slightly bonkers; I just thought that if something so little can mean so much to me, maybe it will mean that much to someone else. If one person get's it, then I'm glad I shared.

“no regrets”

xoxo Becs


8th October 2012

Well said Rebecca!!! Praying for you every step of your journey!
8th October 2012

I like to hear your thoughts
Never miss an opportunity to make others happy, even if you have to leave them alone in order to do it. ~Author Unknown Sounds like you had a chance to stop and think of what might be the whole reason for Thanks Giving. Well done. We have been surrounded by family this weekend and you always comes up. Thanks you, and safe travels as you begin month 4 Love dad
8th October 2012

One Month and it's just the beginning....
OMG.....Rebecca....I love, love, love what you said in this blog....."it wasn't horrible, no one died or anything"! Life is so precious and yes since it is Thanksgiving, let's be thankful for what we have and who we have in life to share it with. I even shed a few tears while I read is Thanksgiving Monday and will will live it to the fullest and be glad that I can. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Tyler and be safe.....we miss you! Love Dave and Gina
8th October 2012

"no regrets"
Hi Ty and Rebecca What a thought provoking blog you sent us on Thanksgiving day. We are often too busy being thankful for a lot of things that aren't really important and you blog say's it all!
9th October 2012

I know what you mean.....
We've had quite a few people pass away lately or are quite ill (family, friends, clients, colleagues). I do the same and throw words about like they don't have a deeper meaning - I know that sometimes I really need to stop and think before I speak. You're right on the mark !!!!
9th October 2012

After a week-end of attending 3 visitations and one funeral, I really related to the words you wrote. Even when I was trying to think of what to put on facebook about this week-end - what I came up with was that is was a week-end of reminders of all I have to be thankful for. Even the little things like how pretty the fall colours are on the trees this year, was something I paid more attention to after this week-end. So I fully understand what you were saying - and don't think you are slightly bonkers [no more than the rest of us anyways! :) ] and I hope that you and Tyler had a great Thanksgiving on the other side of the world!! Safe travels my friend!!
9th October 2012

Month Three
Confucius say: Aw, You are blossoming into a wise flower. (say it with a chinese accent) LOL. The words you express and the thoughts you share are beautiful and appropriate. Thank you for letting us live your dream with you, thank you for sharing with others along your trails and most of all thank you for staying safe and hold onto your belongings. 3 down 5 to go. You're gonna make it, I have faith. Keep smiling. Love Mamma XOXOXOX
7th November 2012

No Regrets
As I sit and reflect on what you've written, I'm full of gratitude! Grateful for the amazing experiences you two are sharing. Grateful that you are learning so many wise things to hang on to. I've learned that the more your AWAREness is raised and heightened by experiences, the more you grow as a person. We have choices every day in how we view things, thank God for the gift of choice. We can choose to learn and grow or we can choose to be part of the status quo. Remember, once a rubber band is stretched, it never returns to be the same. Grateful for who you two are becoming on this adventure called life! Much love and gratitude, Mom xoxo

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