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April 26th 2016
Published: April 26th 2016
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Kala Kule lake is a far away place to reach nearby Tagikistan border. I was travelling along the legendary silk road until I got to Kashgar and stayed there a few days when I heard about this remote and beautiful lake a few hours away from "Kashi". I decided then to organize a trip to go there and to see it.

There is only one bus from Kashgar getting there, per day, in the morning. Beside the hassle of waking up early and taking a local bus to arrive at the train station, (do not take a taxi) it is absolutely worthwhile a visit.

Getting there by bus it is already a trip itself and my suggestion if it happens that someone wants to visit it, you better bring a dust mask because the amount of dust along some stretches of the road is really heavy.

In proximity of that place, I could already admire the stupendous landscapes scenary unfolding in front of me and one of the best scenaries ever seen. Eventually, I arrived late in the afternoon and at the bus stop there was a local person who was offering a night stay in one of the traditional houses there called "yurt". I instead asked to pitch my tent nearby the yurt and for an extra blanket in case I was cold by night.

It was like to be on another world looking around the place with just treeless mountains and this shallow lake. Dark came soon and so I decided to spend a little bit of time in the yurt warming up nearby the burner, before going to sleep, and writing a bit my travel diary.

The next morning, after I woke up, the owner of the yurt kindly invited me to have breakfast with his family drinking milk tea and a bit of "bloody" hard nan which is a kind of flat rounded bread that is produced in the Xinjiang province.

I was then ready for the great day of exploration of the area. As soon as I left, in the far background, the yurt I spotted a fence with some beautiful horses and yaks, which is a local animal resembling a cow, grazing in the stunning surroundings. Walking further, I could see different glaciers and the incredible mountain range in the background which defies description. After a long and flat walk on the grassland I started to climb up a bit the hills around me and, after a while, I discovered a herd of wild camels staring at me and it was nice to see all these animals ,in the nature, browsing around quietly without people disturbing them in this unique place on earth.

On the way back descending the slope I incredibly met a mandrian, that was there, with his herds of animals with which I exchanged a few words and took a picture with him. This is why travelling is so special and always full of surprises.

On the long way back I had some troubles to arrive to my tent, because there were a lot of ponds and narrow streams to pass and I had to jump some of them to eventually complete my long day walk through this marvellous place.

Indescribable and fascinating place where you can truly see all the nature at its best and definitely recommend that to anyone visiting this part of the world and of China.

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26th April 2016

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27th April 2016
Beautiful panorama

Wow -- beautiful!

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