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April 28th 2016
Published: April 28th 2016
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About the Great wall, I can say that a dream come true. Since I was a kid, I watched so many documentaries about it and dreaming one day to be there on it. I visited the Great Wall from Beijing, precisely, in Badaling. Badaling is a quite touristic place and it was not my first choice, at the beginning,because I heard of more secluded parts of the Wall with very few tourists and more adventure.

But I did not have that much time to visit far away places and I decided to choose the most convenient one and headed to Badaling.A train trip till there was about one hour and a half from Beijing central station (try to get there early in the morning to avoid masses of tourist).

A bit of History,The Great Wall is as old as the ancient dynasties from the period of the Han dynasty 206 BCE-220 BCE over two millennia ago.

I was fortunate to arrive early at the Wall having most of the site for me and walking along it quietly. It was just monumental, watching it from the top of the tower, you find along the way, and admire this magnificent masterpiece of mankind making its way through the thick vegetation like a giant snake. I was only "bloody" happy to have a memory of such a unique place with, practically, nobody in the middle of the way. This part of the wall, as I was mentioning, is very touristic and it is also very well preserved to climb it fairly easily. I could enjoy stunning mountain scenary from the top and luckily without the fog that, most of the time, prevent me from absorbing the beauty of this rare place in the world.

Soon after,I had to abandon this awesome inspiring place due to the masses of tourist coming here to visit it and that, in my view, spoil greatly the "greatness" of this wonder of the world.

Though for a little time, I can say that this place, for many reasons, gave me a sensational feeling of happiness and peace and would recommend to anyone to make the effort to arrive here very soon to be able to get an unforgettable lonely experience.

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25th October 2017

Wish I could visit
I too admire the Great wall of China. It is truly a masterpiece in architecture. Visit: Kumaragiri Spinnerss Pvt. Ltd.
18th November 2017

Wish I could visit
Yes, it is a masterpiece but though very crowded!!!!Thanks for the comment..

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