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July 29th 2005
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Travelling through Tibet is like stepping into another time and world, kept locked away for so long it has retained a part of humanity that is lost in so much of the world today. It was one of the only places in travelling that I felt insignificant compared to the land, world, galaxy and Universe. The lives the Tibetans have are hard, with the harsh weather, altitude and the occupation by the Ch... Read Full Entry

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The GangThe Gang
The Gang

Our first glimpse of Everest!
To Base Camp!To Base Camp!
To Base Camp!

Larry & "Gippo" Dave decided on local transport to get to Base Camp
Mount EverestMount Everest
Mount Everest

Notice the Jeep on the right of the picture
Base CampBase Camp
Base Camp

Morning Wash
Mount EverestMount Everest
Mount Everest

Morning Wash
Leaving EverestLeaving Everest
Leaving Everest

Rise and shine, well not quite mornings are never easy, but hey no work.

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13th April 2009

hey. im interning with students for a free tibet in mcleod gnaj, india (aka little lhasa) so it was interesting to read about the real tibet. thanks for the photos and words. tashi delek! marin
16th July 2011

Where is this?

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