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November 30th 2018
Published: December 1st 2018
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The Chinese word for enlightened person transcribed to English (spiritually immortal) Located NW China, a historical city more than 3000 years old. For 1000 of years the city has been the capitol over 13 dynasties, with a total of 13 emperors Ruling. We visited the Muslim quarter then had dumplings at a local restaurant.

Set off early morning for a good look at he city as we drove sometime to first reach a Public peoples park were the locals mostly retired gather for any activities. We were greeted with open arms as we danced with them in the traditional line, and then we were invited in while they sang us a song. It was a warm feeling with a large number of great people. The weather was thick and the pollution horrid with no sun light shining through but the people used to this had great smiles on their faces.

next we visited the best statue, pottery and furniture builders in the city. Very lovely I bought my Jade dog there as it is year of the dog.

Now to the Emperor Gin Shihuangs museum which is a historic event from the Quin dynasty, the emperor whom spent
38 years to build his tomb with 72,000 slaves to build statues of warriors to protect him in his after life leaving them to starve underground so they could not reveal any information. Discovered by a farmer digging for water in 1974 is one of Chinas most fabulous discouvery's attracting millions of tourists.

Pit 1 A subteranian earth and wood structure 11 corridors divided by 10 earth ramned portion walls, are paved with pottery bricks on which the figures were placed. The earth walls sub stained a wood roof that was composed of huge strong rafters. Ths roof was covered with layers of fabric matts on which the fine soil filled.

The army arral pit 1 combined battle formation of characters and infantry men. At the east end the pit has 3 rows of vangaurds. Immediately behind the vangaurds is the main body of the battle formation. Around the outer edge, there is one row of soldiers facing south, north and west respectively as the flanks to guard the army. All the pottery warriors and horses are made using local clay baked in the kiln. After firing the figures were completed with painted detail that since uncovered has faded away. The true life like and size was amazing to ancient technology. All wooden chariots were burnt or rotted. There ae only remains. Before the pit was discouvered local people in modern times used to build tombs o the top of the peak. The remains of the pillars are found bot sides of the partition walls, the pillars were the substaining cross members for the roof. The floors were rammed with earth 45 cm thick and paved with bricks in an order of straight patterns. The pottery warriors are all being glued together from 1000's of pieces at this time and for many years more that it will take.

A great evening tonight at dinner and a play The Tang Dynasty and Wu Zetian the today only ever female emperor in China.

The Empress was born in 624CE and became a concubine of the tang Emperor when she was 14 years old . Years of living in the palace had made her smart and tough, growing up from a sweet and innocent girl to a hardened and sophisticated court politics player. With her wisdom, talents and persistence, she managed to become the first wife of the emperor soon and in 690 CE eventually ascended the throne to be the first empress in her own after her husband died. With respect from the population of China especially the women whom she made changes to their lives she after years of passing remains a true figure of history.

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