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October 20th 2010
Published: October 20th 2010
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this is where I am
I genuinely dislike not having internet at my apartment. I have to use the school's computer which has sticky keys and microsoft office 2003. So the long blog I wrote about my experiences thus far... incompatible with this computer. I brought it along on a thumb drive complete with photos, but now realize that I need to go back to my computer and save the document as a 97-03 compatible file... stupid windows...

ANYWAY, Today I am going to the salt lake. I'll take more pics and upload them soon!

so for now... here are a few pics of me at my place. (Don't laugh, it's really ghetto)

ALSO- the captions on the photos are all out of order... I have no idea why that happened. But just run with it, play "match the caption to the correct photo"

Additional photos below
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My dwarf fridgeMy dwarf fridge
My dwarf fridge

with FOUR chairs...
Kitchen CounterKitchen Counter
Kitchen Counter

not quite sure why really

You can't see in this picture but the stairs are JACKED. Missing pieces, uneven, slanted... dangerous.
It's a messIt's a mess
It's a mess

Seriously! what IS this????
Eat in kitchenEat in kitchen
Eat in kitchen

This is what passes for a kitchen here
we cook on the balconywe cook on the balcony
we cook on the balcony

it's so short, I can sit on the floor to wash dishes
My "stove"My "stove"
My "stove"

with a faucet that barely gets the water INTO the sink
9 of these flights9 of these flights
9 of these flights

Check out the handle
WTF bug?!WTF bug?!
WTF bug?!

My room



til you have to USE it

20th October 2010

so cool you look awesome and so happy. I am very happy for you. Be Safe!
20th October 2010

Im very sexy
Miss you tremendously. Ill write as much as I can. Hope you are well. I am still, really really good looking. Has Dillon ever expressed an interest in hot guys that are really good at cooking and skateboarding? No reason, just I have been good. I hope things are awesome over there..>>R>
20th October 2010

looks like student surroundings, you'll get used to it! Hope the weather is good! What age group are u teaching?
20th October 2010

BUG. WTF????????
20th October 2010

age groups
I have students as young as 6 and as old as 25!
20th October 2010

you're sexy, I'm sexy, we are what makes the world go round ...(round US!)
I'm glad you commented ;-) Don't go stealing my man! Otherwise I'll be forced to coerce Jeff into a surreal realtionship consisting of many gym visits and me petting his face while feeding him bottles of muscle milk and making him do tricks for protein snacks.
20th October 2010

If China is a chicken, you are in the heart
Hi! Loved the pictures. It looks! I can't see the comments - so don't know who else you have on your blog. Are the other teachers also American? How are they? Do they live in the same building? Did you figure out what that awful bug is?????
20th October 2010

The Blog
KC is right, this blogsite is! The bathroom looks very utilitarian. Do you have towels?? I like that the refrigerator is red. Is Dillon coming to visit you for Christmas or do you think you'll be done by then??
20th October 2010

your apartment is cute and cozy, and much as i had imagined. i told garadmarge and grandpa about your adventure today. they were excited and a little apprehensive too, but happy for you. you have some friends there now?
22nd October 2010

Hey, the place looks good! How's the food? Do the students end up teaching you more than you teach them? It looks like a great experience - make good memories! China's been on my list to visit/work since college, but haven't made it there yet - hey, but there's tomorrow!! I'll ask the boss. Enjoy and stay in touch. tj
29th October 2010

Reminds me a bit of some of the flats I looked at in England for Jennifer. Well, you sure will appreciate your place so much more once you get back. I posted a comment on one of your blogs thinking it was the start and it wasn´t. Oh well. Hope that you are feeling better and enjoying your time there. Take care.

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