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October 17th 2010
Published: October 17th 2010
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Since I don't have access to Facebook anymore, I will be using this as a journal of sorts. I will post photos and short paragraphs about what I see, hear, taste, smell, and buy here in China.

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17th October 2010

Hi Katrina, glad you are blogging. Hope you can post some pictures soon. It looks like Yuncheng is a pretty small town! What is the work like? How is your apartment? Have you eaten anything yet?
17th October 2010

Don't get so lost I can't find you when I move over there!!!!
17th October 2010

I like peanut butter. Is there peanut butter in China? How about plaid?
17th October 2010

I never knew you even liked China since you came home early I think when your parents lived there. I am so happy you are doing this blog so we can keep up with your adventures. hugs Kat and stay safe.
17th October 2010

Where in the world?
Are you still jetlagged? Are you having fun? Have you started work? What's the weather like?
18th October 2010

Nope, not jet lagged, but not sleeping so well on chinese "mattress" it's a bag of springs! I started work the day I got here!! I like it so far, and the weather is mild. It's a little overcast... or maybe that's smog...
18th October 2010

work is good so far, and as for food... I go out with the teachers here and let THEM order for me. :-) it's the best way to do it I think.
18th October 2010

If you go to HK
I loved China too! Have a lot of anecdotes to share. Mine was just a 5-day trip to Beijing and surrounding cultural historical sites. I went with my best friend, an artist from Hong Kong. If you happen to go to HK or if you want to find out about the arts scene I will get you her contact info. Best.
18th October 2010

Can you be sure to blog about all the types of Cheese in China??? Thanks!!
19th October 2010

did you get the most confusing blog to navigate in the history of blogs? do you only have one entry? herro, can i stirr write Ls? wirr you stirr understand them? hokay write soon
19th October 2010

Hello Katrina, How are things at the school? I hope you feel like that you are teaching some English. And I hope that you feel that you are getting some good Mandrin practice. 你爸爸很爱你!我希望你知道这一点,我支持你在做什么
20th October 2010

oh yeah
Ill try not to embarrass you on here by publicly announcing the things I want to do to some of your friends......The girls I mean.

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