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March 11th 2011
Published: March 11th 2011
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Ok so the past 4 days have perhaps be the craziest EVER.
Mom and dad left the US to come to Japan and the to cruise to China on Monday morning. I had told mom before I left the states that when they come they will have to have Chinese Visas... did they listen... nope.
So here is how everything happened
Mom and dad were about to board the cruise ship. The cruise people were looking at their passports and go "where is your chinese visa."
Mom says "What?"
That is when the realize that the DONT have Chinese Visas.
So they go to a hotel and the Chinese Consulate.
Mom was of course crazy stressed out and I dont think she slept or ate while she was in Japan at all. After a couple of days of headaches and consulate visits they got the correct visa and had a plane booked to shanghai.
Early on in this process mom emailed me to say that they might just come straight to Shanghai.
I told them that would be fine with me though I thought they might also be able to catch up with the cruise ship in Japan to if they got their visa in time. By this stage in the proceedings though I think Daddy just wanted to come see me and be with me, so they came straight to Shanghai and ditched the cruise all together.
Mom and Dad arrived in Shanghai yesterday at 5:00Pm at school where I ran out screaming to meet them.
It turns out to be quite the blessing that they were not still in Japan because of the Earthquake and tsunami.
Anyways so now mom and dad are safe in SHanghai for 2 WEEKS. I am not sure what we are going to be doing exactly but we will see and it will be an adventure!!!

Everyone is safe and well so there is nothing to worry about but Mom and dad are just glad to see me and to be in Shanghai.
Love yall,


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