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September 27th 2010
Published: September 27th 2010
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Haven't left for China yet.

I am sitting outside this evening at my summer home in the Gold Country of California. It's not my home, an old friend is letting me couch-surf before I depart. I don't actually have a home, having moved out of my lovely ghetto house in Richmond, CA, after fifteen years. Good riddance to the high crime city! No more Police sirens and boom-boom cars.

My best friend (Maggie the dog) drove away today. I teared up. She is my buddy, and we have slept together for the last four years. I am confident that she will adjust well to her new home. I just hope to be back in six months to be with her again. This was the hardest part so far. As I put her in my friend's car, she licked my face.
I wish that she understood that "Daddy needs to work somewhere to buy kibble".

I already have the air tickets, the visa (well, a visa, not the correct "Z" visa) and a whole bunch of books. I fly out of San Francisco on Friday, in less than a week. I am scared shitless.


1st October 2010

Hello Seamallowance, I am sorry I was unable to satisfactorily answer your questions prior to this--I at times have to be very careful about who is writing to me and why, and what I write in a public forum. Anyway, GLAD to see a fellow blogger is coming down to Jining (or the outskirts thereof). Although I plan on leaving the city permanently sometime this month, I am subscribing to your blog to follow your progress. If you'd like to meet up in Jining at any time, that would be great too. I guess you are on your way over about now. Have a good flight and a nice stay in China. --Leeza
2nd October 2010

Oh, MAN, Joe
I'm excited for you and heartbroken for you at once. And I'm so glad you're taking us with you.
3rd October 2010

Great adventure!
Joe: I thought of you this morning when I went to the original Peet's and saw Mr. Tetlow reading his novel and me off to sell my damned stereos. It made me realize what a rut most of us are in-me even more than average! You're brave to take off like that. I even had a hard time moving to Oregon for a few years and getting out of my familiar surroundings. Keep in touch and have a great time. Rich
3rd October 2010

wow!! what an adventure. a departure from previous kinds of travel to get so immersed, I would say. so who has Maggie? What kind of place are you living in? I will look forward to reading
17th October 2010

baccon its that good
hey joe i miss you and maggie and i still love butter
19th October 2010

Best Wishes
Hi Joe, for what it is worth I have heard that dogs have no concept of time. When Maggie greets you when you come home it will be the same as if you had been gone for a day. Not sure where I heard that but...... Bill
8th November 2010

Oh hell, you had to leave your girl behind
I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for you to leave your canine girl behind. I love my canine boy Rory so much that I actively miss him when I am away from him, even if only for one night. Wahhh! I hope your girl is in good hands...and you KNOW she'll remember and love you when you see her again.
15th March 2011
Maggie the Dog

I love and miss maggie so so so very much!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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