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March 22nd 2007
Published: March 22nd 2007
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Last week I went to the PSB, the Public Securities Bureau (a.k.a. the police station) for paperwork processing. We each need a resident's permit to live and work here. I obtained my work "Z" visa in the US, in New York City. But then once you arrive here, you need the resident's permit. We had to wait a while but not too long. Mostly it's just sign here, take your photo, and you're done. Thankfully Aston takes you and covers the fee and translates, etc.

For me and others that are here for more than a few months, a visit to the doctor is also required. My appointment was today. Quelle surprise, it was a bit unpleasant but not as bad as it could have been I guess. Once again, someone from Aston took me and translated everything. I had a blood draw, ECG, x-ray, ultrasound, the works. It was relatively quick and painless. There was hardly anyone there today, which made it go much more quickly than it could have. Each part of the exam was in a different room from the others, and each technician signed off on part of the paperwork. I was quite put off by the blood/urine room. Vials of bodily fluids lined up like you are used to seeing in a lab but not covered. Is this sanitary? What if the tray gets knocked over? Yikes! And forget about changing the paper coverings between people, for the ECG and ultrasound, you just lay down on the same bed and cloth covering that the previous person laid down on and pull your shirt up a little. What? They only wash these things once a day maybe? I need a shower and shampoo now, thanks!

But it's over and now my paperwork and appointments are done. Like I said, it was relatively quick and easy, but I hope I don't need to go back to the doctor's office for a long long time.


22nd March 2007

So what on earth happened that you needed to go to China to hit the doc's office anyway?
28th March 2007

Seriously -- make sure they are not trying to clone you. :) The doctor's office sounds really tasty.

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