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March 22nd 2007
Published: March 22nd 2007
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So much for missing the big festivities in Boston -- we had St. Patrick's Day here in Jinan! we (the foreigners and a few locals too) went to Kiwi Corner, a restaurant run by Mimi, a fellow Westerner. There was no parade, but there was green beer! For dinner there was Irish stew (which I didn't have since I'm vegetarian!) and loads of cabbage dishes and slaws and yummy garlic bread and spinach quiche and carrot cake and fresh fruit. Everything was good. There were a lot of "old-timers" - folks in their senior years - out for the party. We were also celebrating B.J.'s 40th birthday, so there was birthday cake too. Very fun!

Then the Aston teachers were off to Long Wei Fong's, our favorite bar/dance place. We bring the party every time we go! The DJ is great, he plays our favorite tunes (which we bring with us on CD). The place is usually empty when we go, since we go on Sun-Wed nights, not the typical weekend outing since we all work all weekend. Several of the teachers have learned a dice game that they play with each other or the bartenders while sitting at the bar. It reminds me of Yahtzee but it's a bluffing game like poker. Someday I'll learn it. But I'm too busy on the dance floor usually!

Last night we went out again, since Helen (who is a native of Mason City, IA) had a friend visiting from Japan (who is a native of Minneapolis, MN). I was talking with Christopher, and heard him talking about his last name, and it turns out he is the cousin of Alison, someone I went to college with in IA. Talk about a small world! Six degrees of separation is really only two or three sometimes!

There is great camaraderie amongst us foreign teachers, it really feels good to be here and to know such great people!


22nd March 2007

Party girl
So when are you going to have some pictures posted?
24th March 2007

Trust you to find the good times! Sounds like it's going great - keep up the blogging; I love finding out what you're up to.

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