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November 21st 2016
Published: November 21st 2016
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In the summer of 2012, after I have spent sometime in Canada, I finally went back to China to visit my family. I really missed the food and the fact that everyone is speaking my mother tongue. The atmosphere compare to Canada is totally different, as if everyday you are on the Christmas dinner table with everyone whether it is family, friends or total stranger. Everyone is constantly gossiping, talking about business, talking about opportunities. In Canada, everyone is always very peaceful, talking about their weekend, their family, their work. On the downside, people have less respect for privacy in China, because strangers would ask you a lot of questions which a Canadian would consider as private . That is what happened to me when I traveled around in China that summer.

I visited the famous Yellow River, one of the oldest tributaries in the world. Most of the important cities in China today is established along the banks of this river. I have also visited many cities in Xinjiang province, located in the Gobi desert. Many Chinese people there have very different facial features compare to the people in other parts of China. They were originally people from the
same ancestor as the Turkish. Therefore they look more middle eastern than Chinese. From this, I realized how China was indeed a multicultural country a long time ago. The leader united many nations together and formed the country it is right now. Maybe in a very far distant future, Canada would be viewed by Canadians the same way. We would not ask the question, where have you came from? Instead we wouldn't care at all because the country will be made with people with different traits.

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