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June 12th 2010
Published: June 23rd 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

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1: Noodle Making! 28 secs
Yangrou PaoYangrou PaoYangrou Pao

Best Hangover Food, it's so good. I might miss this dish the most. It consists of tender mutton, mutton broth and cilantro and green onions.
It has been said that that our little county in the middle of nowhere is famous for it's food. People travel to our county just to eat! I totally believe it. It is the best food I've had in China (the world, really), and I will probably be depressed and loose weight when I return to Shanghai. The residents proudly declare that young people gain weight when they return home from college.

I've picked up some interesting eating habits while living here: I peel and eat about half a head of fresh garlic with every meal, and I enjoy noodle water as a beverage.

Enjoy the mouthwatering photos, and yes, I will make you some Chinese dumplings when I return to the States.

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Yangrou Pao RestaurantYangrou Pao Restaurant
Yangrou Pao Restaurant

It closes at 12:30, so you have to be quick. On weekends we set an alarm.
Individual Hot PotIndividual Hot Pot
Individual Hot Pot

I prefer the kind you share.
Dinner SpreadDinner Spread
Dinner Spread

This was a dinner the principal hosted after he took us to see the Terracotta Warriors.
Close UpClose Up
Close Up

From top to bottom: Walnuts with sweet beans, cucumbers with dried chilies and vinegar, and cold meat plate with fresh chilies on the bottom.
Jiaozi (Dumplings)Jiaozi (Dumplings)
Jiaozi (Dumplings)

Jay and I helped make these!
Dinner SpreadDinner Spread
Dinner Spread

This dinner was hosted by our colleague.
Liangcai- Cold SaladLiangcai- Cold Salad
Liangcai- Cold Salad

Jay and I eat this with every meal. You pick out which vegetables you want and then they are served cold, crisp and covered in vinegar, spicy oil and minced garlic. Haochi!
More Chinese SaladMore Chinese Salad
More Chinese Salad

We love it!! Jay gives me all the cabbage.
Jay's Favorite Dish!Jay's Favorite Dish!
Jay's Favorite Dish!

Pork, bamboo, & peppers in chili oil.
Noodle Water!Noodle Water!
Noodle Water!

It's the water used to boil noodles, served as a hot beverage. At first I thought, I'm not drinking noodle water! But like most things in China, I learned to love it! I even drink it at home now. I get upset if the noodle water goes down the sink!

Lightly battered fried eggplant with garlic and peppers.
Chinese BarbecueChinese Barbecue
Chinese Barbecue

This is why Chinese food satisfies a Texan's appetite.
The Best Mutton in PuchengThe Best Mutton in Pucheng
The Best Mutton in Pucheng

A pile of tender mutton cooked with garlic and peppers in a cumin sauce served with freshly baked bread and mutton broth.
Wanton SoupWanton Soup
Wanton Soup

It costs $0.30!
Pile O VeggiesPile O Veggies
Pile O Veggies

Ready for hot pot!

24th June 2010

I hope your are writing down some recipies! These dishes look delicious! If you bring anything home to your ex-coworkers, bring recipies! :D
25th June 2010

my mouth was watering...looks delicious!! how much longer do you guys plan on living there?

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