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August 23rd 2011
Published: August 24th 2011
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Up and out at 8am and back to the orphanage for the day. This morning we did much the same as yesterday and it was nice to just get stuck in straight away as we kind of knew what was expected of us. There are three main rooms at the orphanage, the yellow room that has around 12 very tiny babies in it that are sick, the red room that has around 15 kids in it ranging from 8 months to 2 years and then there is the blue room with around 15 kids aged from around 1-4 years old. I flitted from room to room, playing with the kids and getting to know them a little bit better. There was not much more to do at the orphanage other than play with the kids today, there was no need to feed them or anything like that as there were plenty of nanny's around to do all of that. To be honest, as amazing as the day was it did feel like there was very little for us to do!

Lunch was unfortunately a mound of dumplings and after eating about 10 of them we were sick of the sight of them. We spent the rest of the afternoon continuing to play with the children, I have really fallen for a couple of them, a little girl called Isabel who is a little cutie that is trying really hard to walk but isn't quite there yet and a little boy called Xander who is very quiet but is a truly gorgeous little boy. We also learnt today that many of the babies here do get adopted out, mainly it seems to foriegn (particularly American) families. For example there is one little girl called Nava who is off to Texas at the weekend with her new family and the boy I mentioned in yesterday's blog who was paralysed below the waist (Jack) is also off to America soon. Its nice to see the kids here do get there happy endings, but equally I hope they do not lose their Chinese values and heritage by leaving the country at such a young age. To be honest, I can't tell what is right and what is wrong about the whole thing, but I just hope whether the kids are at the orphanage or in America they are happy.

In the evening we were taken to a Tang Dynasty Dance Show that we were able to get free after all the trouble we had in Beijing. The show was average, and we all left thankful that we hadn't actually paid for it. We jumped in a cab home and headed to bed ready for our last day tomorrow at the orphanage.


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