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August 24th 2011
Published: August 24th 2011
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Another early start and we were straight into things again at the orphanage. I began my day in the yellow room with the sick babies, and I was stunned to learn more about them. Some of them were really sick, there were some with heart conditions and some that had been completely abandoned in the hospital at birth. One of them was seven months old and she looked like she was about two months old, she was a skinny little thing and she couldn't sit up properly or do anything. She had the most gorgeous smile and she was so adorable but I felt desperately sorry for her.

After feeding time was over in the baby room I moved between the red and blue rooms and played with the older kids. This continued up until lunchtime when we stopped for some fried rice and I had a nap on the floor for 20 minutes. This nap was rudely interupted by a woman from the orphanage telling us to get up and play with the children even though the children were either asleep or being fed! Needless to say we were not impressed with this lady and we waited a while before going back into see the kids once they were up and ready. The afternoon was spent playing again with the kids and it was actually quite sad to say goodbye, especially to my little favourites, I just wanted to take them home with me! I got a big cuddle off of one of the nanny's before we left though which was really nice and it made me sad to leave. I would love to come back here one day and spend more time with these children and some of them really need the love and attention that the nanny's just can't constantly give them.

We had a really fun evening in building 6 and we were able to make dumplings (that was then all we had for dinner though and we are completely sick of dumplings now!) and then we had an acupuncture session in the apartment which was absolutely amazing. None of us were that keen on the needle part of acupuncture as we didn't 100% trust the needles. Instead the doctor just did massages and hot glass treatments on us which were amazing, he cracked our necks and backs and the hot glass treatment sucked up your skin and bruised areas that were problem sections. I had my kidneys come up as bruised so he massaged that area and it felt so much better, hopefully he found a problem and removed it with the hot glass technique! It was a very cool experiene but I am sat here now with the girls watching a movie and my back is really beginning to hurt, I hope it is okay by tomorrow!


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