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February 16th 2010
Published: February 16th 2010
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Production plantProduction plantProduction plant

Where they make all the souvenirs.
Walking around Xi'an you can feel the pride in there history there. It's an amazing city that has a a 17km wall built around it from the Zhou Dynasty. It was built around the same time as the Terra-Cotta warriors. In 220 BC is when the warriors were built but were thought to have been lost forever until 1974 when a local farming was out digging for wells discovered what turned out to be one of the greatest archaeological finds of the 20th century. They have 3 separate pits discovered and they are saying that they have only discovered %20 of the actual site. They have uncovered over 8000 warriors so far with about 2000 in pristine shape and on show so people can see. Walking along the barrier that housed most of the found warriors was so impressive that you don't actually appreciate it until you stand at one end and look out. Thats when you realize just how massive this find is actually going to be when they uncover everything. When you actually walk into the main building where the majority of the warriors are on display is when you appreciate just how huge this find is.

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Terra MakerTerra Maker
Terra Maker

A full warriors being built
Souvenir WarriorsSouvenir Warriors
Souvenir Warriors

just some you can take home
The Dragon The Dragon
The Dragon

One of the first designs I saw on the chest of a warrior
Dad watching Dad watching
Dad watching

The only eagle in the place and I found it.
Mr. AnthonyMr. Anthony
Mr. Anthony

he fell in love with a certain someone.
The GiantThe Giant
The Giant

this guy performed at the Beijing Olympics.
Chariot DriverChariot Driver
Chariot Driver

This is only 1 of 2 chariot's that have been found complete.
Chariot Driver 2Chariot Driver 2
Chariot Driver 2

This is how the driver of chariot 2 was found
Chariot Driver 1Chariot Driver 1
Chariot Driver 1

This is how the driver of chariot 1 was found
Laying around Laying around
Laying around

just some warriors laying around doing nothing
More parts More parts
More parts

they were found this way and left to show you just how difficult it is to put them back together
Pit number 3Pit number 3
Pit number 3

when you look at it from this view you appreciate just how big this place is.
More warriorsMore warriors
More warriors

just chilling
what happened? what happened?
what happened?

where is the other end of the horse?

chilling with the4 local celebs
Pit number 2Pit number 2
Pit number 2

this was called the command center for all three pits
Pit number 1Pit number 1
Pit number 1

They have discovered over 8000 warriors and they have restored about 2000 of them.
more diggingmore digging
more digging

digging up the past

16th February 2010

hey man yet again with the pictures blown away by some of the stuff you are seeing some great stuuf that will never be forgotten. Miss you a shit load, just continue having the time of your life and posting stories and pictures love ya' jamie cullinan
16th February 2010

Thanks Bro
Thanks Bro. It's a shame we didn't get a chance to get to know each other better before I left. It's looking like I'm going to be over here for a while. I wish I could make it this summer to your wedding. All the best and enjoy that amazing little family you have going. Love ya PS. I don't have access to facebook while in China so send me an email form time to time to give me an update on how things are going your way.
21st February 2010

this is so amazing,,the history behing this is astonishing,,its so hard to believe that this stuff has been buried for so many years,,love ya ,,,mom

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