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February 16th 2010
Published: February 16th 2010
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I can't remember the last time I saw a McD's
Nanning turned out to be my first stop in China. It was also the first time I became nervous since arriving in Asia. I had purchased a lonely planet that was a couple years old thinking it wouldn't of changed that much. To my surprise the hostel that I thought I was going to was now a hotel. I managed to find an internet cafe to find the address of another hostel but they wouldn't take US dollars. That's all I had and it was getting late and nobody would exchange it over to Yuen for me. Luckily for me there was women in the internet cafe who had some spare cash and paid for my time. I went out to find my hostel and to my surprise I ended up getting so lost and by this time I started to get a little scared because it was getting close to midnight, I still hadn't found a place to stay and nobody spoke English. After walking down the same street a few times a local women came out and asked me if I needed help. Connie turned out to be my savior. I was only one block away from the hostel but when we arrived it turned out to be full. She took me around to a few places and I finally decided to crash at around 12:30 in the morning. She showed me around for the next few days that I was in Nanning. While strolling around the following night down town we ran into 2 little girls who were celebrating a birthday. They were so excited to speak English. I don't think I've seen kids this excited in a very long time. Running around like there was no tomorrow and just having a blast. We met Aussie guy back at the hostel and ended up checking out a cool park the next day and she showed us a cool food market.

I didn't realize that the spring festival was this big in China. It's basically there version of spring break back home. I tried to get a train ticket to Xi'an for the following day but that was impossible. The earliest train available was in 3 days. There was no seats or beds available. It was going to be a 33 hour train ride to Xi'an standing up. There was no buses available for the next 5 days
Night lightsNight lightsNight lights

just a cool shot form the bus
either. So I jumped on the train thinking it was going to be a long lonely ride. I managed to find a spot where I just planted my backback down and stayed there for the whole trip. It turned out to be not that bad a ride but if your traveling in China during the spring festival. BOOK YOUR TICKET IN ADVANCE.

Thanks again Connie for making my trip to Nanning a memorable one. If it wasn't for you I'd probably still be looking for my guest.

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The GirlsThe Girls
The Girls

Connie and the birthday girls.
Wal MartWal Mart
Wal Mart

My first Wal Mart since leaving North America
Is it snowingIs it snowing
Is it snowing

not yet, that's not until I hit Xi'an when I see snow

After a while on the road you need some time to relax
What you looking at? What you looking at?
What you looking at?

heading down through the night food market

16th February 2010

hahaha... don't you love it when no one speaks English. That is when you have most fun, well, actually, at the time might not be so fun, but after a little while, makes awesome stories!
17th February 2010

no language
it can be allot of fun at times but that was a little nerve wrecking. I love having fun with the guys who come up trying to sell you books. They speak to you in English and you answer them back in another language pretending you don't speak English.They just look dumb founded.

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