"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not trying to put it in a fruitsalad!"

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October 18th 2007
Published: October 18th 2007
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Overnight train- again! This time the train compartment was not that nice, but my Chinese room mates were friendly. I tried Chinese whiskey- not a big hit, I had to flush it down the toilet, it was quite vile! Arrived into Xian and the guys from the hostel came to pick me up. Free pick up- great stuff! George had arrived the day before so I had been on my own for almost 2 days, which was nice for once. My foot is still hurting, it comes and goes, but I mainly have problems going down the stairs, and get out of breath if I walk to fast. It's a bummer, but at least it gives me an excuse to take it easy. Somehow people seem to think it's cool that I sprained my ankle on the wall, kind of like a war story. It makes for amusing conversation, and I am not one to pass up a joke, even if it's on me!! 😊

Went to see the Terracotta Army yesterday. I wasn't too impressed, but it might be because of the high volume of tourists that were there. The army itself is quite something, 8000 warriors with all different clothes and hair and faces. It was kind of eerie, the thought of the history behind it as well. The first Emperor of the Qin dynasty built the army 2200 years ago. The thought was that they would protect him in death, as his army had done in real life. Hence the statues resemble his own army. When the Emperor died he had his 600 concubines slayed and buried with him. He also buried some scholars and architects alive, to keep the Terracotta Army a secret. It was all quite brutal, but fascinating nonetheless.

As for the title of this blog, I had a fruitsalad for breakfast yesterday. It was wonderful, with melon, apples, oranges, bananas and, uhm.... tomato!! It was a weird and exhilirating mix, which, oddly enough, actually worked. I know tomato is supposed to be a fruit, but isn't that taking it a bit too literal?? Well, here in China nothing surprises me when it comes to food. That could be a whole blog in itself, but I will spare you the gorey details!!!

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20th October 2007

perfekt ordsrpak!
hej eva! kul att lasa om din resa!! ha det fortsatt kul, och from den 26e komemr jag vara i sodra indien... om du har vagarna forbi hihi pusssar

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