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June 16th 2011
Published: June 16th 2011
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To achieve perfection, one has to be one with mind and body. There has to be a perfect balance between what is natural, and what appears to be supranatural...a whole level beyond super-natural. ...that, or a good start toward that would be to take a trip to China and start learning Kung Fu from a group of 34th Generation Shaolin Monks in Qufu! In the morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, you... Read Full Entry

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Bagua TrainingBagua Training
Bagua Training

A real Yoda passing on knowledge... ...of how to use the fan???
Power trainingPower training
Power training

...or is it a levitation technique...?Awwwee!!
Weapons TrainingWeapons Training
Weapons Training

....or is one sweeping the ground while Aurelius is about to do murder...??!?!?
My Young YodaMy Young Yoda
My Young Yoda

Yan Shifu ...."Stripey"
What goes up..What goes up..
What goes up..

Endurance training
...must come down...must come down
...must come down

Endurance training

Jessy showing us how it's done!
Double TroubleDouble Trouble
Double Trouble

Yves and Jon "My best enemy / Nemesis"
The school steps outside the best roomThe school steps outside the best room
The school steps outside the best room

Putting the world to right Left to right at the top: John, Translator Nelly, Alex, Tim, Arianne, Barney Bottom: Translator Leah
The Fellowship of the SwampThe Fellowship of the Swamp
The Fellowship of the Swamp

On a mission few whould undertake
The marshes behind the schoolThe marshes behind the school
The marshes behind the school

Barney and Jacob "I will shave your brest"
Youth HostelYouth Hostel
Youth Hostel

Work Hard Play Hard
Youth HostelYouth Hostel
Youth Hostel

Patrick Showing off
Youth HostelYouth Hostel
Youth Hostel

Ahhh, good times!
Character Select...JohnCharacter Select...John
Character Select...John

"Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed" Late night convos...and controvercy...:)
Character select...Yves!Character select...Yves!
Character select...Yves!

" don't know..??" "Wanna...go outside...?"

16th June 2011
Horse Stance ;-P ;-P hehehe How long do you have to stand like this????
16th June 2011
Youth Hostel

Of course :-P! As if YOU would be left without playing a guitar :D
16th June 2011
Character Select....Dodo!!!

Iiiiiiii! Koutiniiiiiii! :D gouf!
16th June 2011

couple of minutes at a time
16th June 2011

kung fu dog! DODO!!!!!

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