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June 16th 2011
Published: June 16th 2011
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To achieve perfection, one has to be one with mind and body. There has to be a perfect balance between what is natural, and what appears to be supranatural...a whole level beyond super-natural. ...that, or a good start toward that would be to take a trip to China and start learning Kung Fu from a group of 34th Generation Shaolin Monks in Qufu! In the morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, you... Read Full Entry

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Character Select...FlorianCharacter Select...Florian
Character Select...Florian

"I am the Seal King!"
Character Select...Mauricio!Character Select...Mauricio!
Character Select...Mauricio!

"Chairman Mau" "'m tirrred" "...i need a cold drink..."
Character Select...PeterCharacter Select...Peter
Character Select...Peter

"NGGGHHHIAAAA!!!" "Lightweight!!!!" "....i think i'm eating the head of the chicken...yup i am..."
Character Select....Dodo!!!Character Select....Dodo!!!
Character Select....Dodo!!!

"Form of a Rubbish Bin!!"

16th June 2011
Horse Stance ;-P ;-P hehehe How long do you have to stand like this????
16th June 2011
Youth Hostel

Of course :-P! As if YOU would be left without playing a guitar :D
16th June 2011
Character Select....Dodo!!!

Iiiiiiii! Koutiniiiiiii! :D gouf!
16th June 2011

couple of minutes at a time
16th June 2011

kung fu dog! DODO!!!!!

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