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January 6th 2010
Published: January 6th 2010
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So, major illness #1 has set in. I’m glad it’s taken about 4 months before I felt terrible. Last year, t was the second freaking week. Anyways, I haven’t been able to eat for the past two and a half days, except for something small at dinner. My other symptoms just kept getting worse. So, today I went to Lisa and she sent me off to the hospital. She was very supportive and observant and asked an English speaking Kindergarten TA, named Sunny, to go with me to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital and they let me jump the cue, I’m sure due to my foreign status. Sunny let me describe my symptoms in poor Chinese and then translated the rest of the doctor’s questions and my answers. She asked if I wanted shots, pills, or both. I figured anything that would make me feel better is fine by me. In retrospect, though, I probably should have been wary of the shots, because when you have a shot in the US you are a) healthy and b) the shot is full of virus to help build up your immune system, not add virus to your already weakened immune system. Obviously I wasn’t thinking.

Anyways, the “shot” was not a shot: it was an IV drip. So they loaded me up with glucose and vitamin C, separately, which ended up taking about two and a half hours. I also received four sets of pills with the advice that if I still feel horrible tomorrow, I need to come back. I’ll probably consult Lulu before I make that decision if need be.


6th January 2010

I'm so sorry you are feeling poorly. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself and am grateful to all who are helping you. I hope you get some rest and feel better soon Dad

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