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April 5th 2010
Published: April 5th 2010
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Steppes and RiversSteppes and RiversSteppes and Rivers

View facing roughly southeast, close to the peak

I really hope this link works...


Created a Flickr account so I could display footage I took after climbing a "mountain" on Sunday. I find the video kind of humorous because my manager did NOT want to be on camera, so she took over. The first part of the video shows a donkey cart moving on the road in the distance; you can't really see it clearly but that was actually why I started filming. To my Chinese-speaking viewers: I apologize in advance for my horrible pronunciation.

Rough trascript:
"Manager Zhang!"
"I'm too ugly!"
"No, you're not! Tell my family hi!"
Laughter, camera switches hands.
"It's recording."
"You didn't record me did you? Ok, hi Samantha! How was today?"
"I'm feeling good. I'm at Shi Ren Wan, Stone Man Gulf" *attempts to end filming by waving*
"Are you tired from hiking the mountain?"
"A little tired."
"Alright! About-face!"
*Doesn't understand* "What does that mean?"
"Go that way!"
Goes. "Bye-Bye!"

I'm also including a link to the songs we were singing at the top of our lungs once we got close to the peak. I really wanted to record our guide singing on the peak: another Inner Mongolian ballad I hadn't heard before. We were moving along a ridge, though, so I didn't really want to fall hundreds of feet for the sake of the sound-byte. I just took it in as we walked way above our starting-point, and enjoyed the scenery. It was kind of surreal to hear his yodelly, strong voice with silence and wind as his only accompaniment.

Our climbing song ("My father's steppes, my mother's rivers"): http://mp3.baidu.com/m?f=3&tn=baidump3&ct=134217728&lf=&rn=&word=%B8%B8%C7%D7%B5%C4%B2%DD%D4%AD%C4%B8%C7%D7%B5%C4%BA%D3&lm=-1&oq=fuqindecaoyuanmuqindehe&rsp=0

Shan shan shui shui ("Mountains and water" - not the actual song name): http://mp3.baidu.com/m?f=3&tn=baidump3&ct=134217728&lf=&rn=&word=%CE%D2%B5%C4%B8%F9%D4%DA%B2%DD%D4%AD&lm=-1&oq=wodegen&rsp=0

Click 试听 when the page loads to listen.



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