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Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Hohhot April 15th 2016

Geo: 40.82, 111.64BACKDATED. Posted 29th Jan 2017.Why Hohhot?On our pre trip we flew threw Guangzhou and a plane full of people where traveling to Hohhot. We looked at each other and said, “We have to go there. Hohhot.” We had no idea where in China it was, but why not.Four and a half years later we had to opportunity to finally go. April wasn't the best time of the year to travel there but on the other hand there would not be many tourists.Flight was delayed and we arrived at 9pm. We were collected by our guide and ate Hohhot Hotpot with lots of lamb. It was a Friday night and it was very quiet at 10:30pm. I asked why?He replied, “Its cold and the Mongol people wake up early so everyone is home early and ... read more
Xilamuren Grasslands
Xilamuren Grasslands
Xilamuren Grasslands

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Hohhot March 11th 2014

China is truly amazing. The more we travel, the bigger the country becomes. One would think it would be the opposite as places to go get checked off the list and put in the book; however, the places that get checked off the list teach about more places that should be on the list while tempting you not to even check that place off the list so you can return again. Inner Mongolia is one of those places that we cannot wait to return and explore some more. Right when we got off the moderately long train ride, we were blessed by the hug of a great blue sky! Our lungs gasped for clean air in the hopes of clearing out all the Xi'an pollution. It was a glorious feeling! That in itself is enough to ... read more
We did it!
Just Dance 4
Ice Skating

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Hohhot February 4th 2014

Happy year of the horse!! This celebration of the Chinese new year has been quite an adventure! We use that word to describe so many things that happen here, but truly, there isn't a better way to describe our travels than 'an adventure!' We are on holiday and spending it with Jarek's friend Wang Zhen. He is so kind to let us into his apartment to stay for a week and let us participate in all the family traditions. It has been awesome! I have learned so much about the culture here. I will start at the beginning of the festivities: 5:00 Dinner. On 'New Year's Eve' we went out to dinner with Wang Zhen's whole family. His mom, grandma (who is 93!), aunts, uncles and cousins. It was a very fancy restaurant - you know, ... read more

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Hohhot October 1st 2013

Tuesday, October 1 - Thursday, October 3 Inner Mongolia, China It has been a wild, wild whirlwind of a couple of weeks! As we determined, Rachael and I hit 8 cities in 12 days, and spent most of those days trekking around on foot. It was a fast-paced, adventuresome vacation, and both of us had brand new experiences of note. The first of these experiences was Inner Mongolia. To summarize our time in Inner Mongolia, it's a good thing that that is how we got started, because the only way for the rest of the trip to go was up! Hohhot is described as being an, "up and coming city," which, in reality, means it is a run-down ghost town with a lot of construction going on. There is absolutely NOTHING to do in that city. ... read more
Camel Ride
Desert Jump!

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Hohhot July 27th 2013

After a surprisingly good night sleep we arrive into the ‘small town’ of Hohhot in Inner Mongolia which according to our honcho Apple had a population of 30 million, I don’t think numbers were her strong point. We make our way on public transport to a local breakfast spot where there is a choice fried or steamed dumplings. We felt a little like B grade celebrities here as the restaurant owners took our photo before we left. This was the first of many delicious and very local meals in Hohhot and it turned out eating and having our photos taken were to be the main activities for us that day. After seeing a few of the tourist attractions including a lama temple and the museum we were invited to Apple’s home where we were offer watermelon, ... read more
'The Train Guy'

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Hohhot December 30th 2012

Temperatura minima -27 gradi, vediamo la massima: -12. Ottimo, proprio le condizioni ideali per il mio esperimento di sadismo climatico!Il luogo prescelto e' la non lontana provincia della Mongolia Interna, quella parte del territorio di origine del popolo di Genghis Khan che si trova attualmente sotto il controllo del grande impero cinese; la sua lugubre capitale porta l'invitante nome di Hohhot, che tradotto in inglese somiglia ad un sarcastico "cosi' caldo", fatto per cui sono stato ripetutamente preso in giro nei giorni precedenti la mia partenza. Ad appena una notte di viaggio in treno dalla tiepida Beijing (-10 gradi), la citta' si rivela, secondo le attese, tremendamente fredda e mi accoglie con una sottile coltre nevosa istantaneamente trasformatasi in una micidiale lastra di ghiaccio; trovo allora prontamente rifugio in una calda guest-house che, in questo peri ... read more
Hohhot: lo stupa e la gente che si ripara dal vento gelido
Datong: il muro dei nove dragoni
Inner Mongolia: freddo e gelo ovunque

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Hohhot April 22nd 2012

My reflections on China usually have to do with people I knew or things I saw, and most of those memories come from the perspective of standing at attention in a hotel lobby. Working for 13 months in a hotel, the landscape of my memory is filled with rooms, halls, passages, elevators. But in telling stories of my time in China, I notice that a pattern emerges: many interesting experiences took place in or while hailing a taxi. Hailing a taxi in Hohhot, under normal conditions, was not hard. As a "convenience"-oriented American, one of my guilty indulgences was taking a taxi when I needed to go downtown, rather than taking the bus (even though the bus would have saved me a lot of money). There were some practical reasons for this. As a blonde-haired laowai, ... read more
Competing species
A nice little image

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Hohhot February 23rd 2012

Nei Mongol We had an entire week off the first week of October for National Day. China’s equivalent to July 4th. 8 of the 10 teachers including myself traveled to Inner Mongolia; a present day Chinese province but historically Mongolia. The Mongolian heritage had not been lost. Every sign was in Mongolian and pictures of Genghis Khan filled every family restaurant and convenient store. The food was a carnivores dream. Any and every kind meat seasoned over open flames. One teacher ordered leg of lamb and literally got the whole leg, picture a 5 lb. 18 inch chicken wing. We stayed at a hostel filled with all sorts of international kids; German, Polish, Dutch, French, Spanish, English, and Swiss. Most were exchange students traveling during the break from school. While I’m not hip to sharing a ... read more

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Hohhot October 16th 2010

What should I expect? The accounts all differ. Some new American fellow-expat friends, who have lived and worked overseas for many years, tell me to expect to get bitten by the travel bug very soon after returning home. To find dating more difficult than before, because my perspective and lifestyle are very different from what they used to be. To discover that I have changed in ways I don't even suspect yet. From my Chinese friends who live Stateside, however, I have heard that living abroad for several years is bittersweet, for the simple fact that home will always be home. One craves foods that are not to be found without some difficulty, one misses family; and these dear friends have been away from their families for years, while as for me, it has only been ... read more
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Photo 3
Photo 4

Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Hohhot October 1st 2010

Right, so Inner Mongolia I don't feel the need to say much about other than it was amazing.I went on an epic run while we were there. Long story short I wanted to climb this mountain which didn't look to be that far away, but it was. After running in and around the hills, and a brutal climb I returned three and a half hours later refreshed. The view was incredible. We slept in a tent that night which was rather cold, but we survived. We only made a short trip there but came back with some great stories and brilliant pictures. Now enjoy the many many pictures. ... read more

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