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April 4th 2009
Published: August 22nd 2011
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Zhang Jia Jie, a national park from Hunan province, famous by numerous sharp mountains, it also was the background scene of film Avatar(2009), visiting there is better after a little rain, because that will cause the mist and make the scene much more beautiful, just like the paradise in the Chinese concept. Stay a night in the park is a better option, but the condition there is quite simple, food and accommodation, but it won't be a problem for backpacker for sure. The park is huge, there is top and bottom part, a river surrounding the mountain is the bottom part, and view of the from mountain mist paradise is the top part, also the villages for the accommodation, there are the internal bus for the locomotion, but the elevator on the cliff is the sight, the construction received a lot of hits, saying the destruction of the natural scene, but anyway it is a impressive construction, worth to visit, also save the time to the top from the bottom.
About 2 hours from Zhang Jia Jie to the west, there is the Feng Huang old town, built around the Tuo river, surrounded by mountains, the main ethnics there are Miao and TU family, Feng Huang means "Phoenix" in Chinese, that is a water old town in China, one of best water town in China I can say, excellent for the photographers, also for the players, because there are so many bars with a great environment made up by nice people, what about the drinks there? Sorry, I don't know... basically I don't drink alcohol, haha.. but the foods there were very nice, old towns in China always keep great foods, and try the fish, that is a specialty there, just remember the Hunan province also is famous by spicy culinary.

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