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May 7th 2011
Published: May 7th 2011
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Hi All,

So after our hiking around last week we thought we'd try it out here in Shaoyang. Beautiful day today with temperatures already up to around 35 degrees so I dread to think how hot it is going to be in July and August!!! Thankfully the chinese style hats we bought are ideal. We decided we would catch the number 8 bus and see where it took us. It took us to the site of a textiles factory in a small village just over the west bridge. We just got of the bus and headed off up the country roads. We got to an intersection in the road and we met a Chinese gentleman who was also going out for a walk. Incredibly this man spoke very good English. He was a retire agricultural scientist who had worked for the Chinese goverment and also in countries all over the world. He'd been to Europe, America and Africa. He accompanied us for the rest of our walk. He told us about some wild flowers we saw that made tea and had medicinal properties. He showed us what peanut plants look like, never seen peanut plants before, and he talked with the locals telling them where we were from and where we worked and the likes. He also told us where we were. That's always a bit tricky. Asking locals isn't as easy as it seems and there are no signpost telling you what village you are in. We walked very close to the Zishui river which he told us is one of 4 big rivers in Hunan. So a big thank you to the kind gentlemen, unfortunatly he never told me his name. We also stumbled upon a small Buddist temple where some old ladies, nuns maybe, that kept the temple clean. The statues all looked very new so I imagine the old ones were destroyed in the 60s or 70s.

I've also included some photos of last night, Friday. Our friend Rebecca's boyfriend invited us to his apartment for hot pot, which was an offer too good to refuse. It was very spicy but also very delicious.

Enjoy the photos and Jah Bless....x

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20th May 2011

helloļ¼ŒDaviad....haha,do you know I'm your a student in shaoyang uniwesity ,after seeing youe pictures and words,I feel that you are interesting ....I will continue to give attention to your blogger~!~
20th May 2011

yeah~~~this is your toilet~~~hahaha

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