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November 13th 2016
Published: November 13th 2016
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I typically start my blogs by saying a lot has happened and the post will probably be long. This time a lot really has happened. I turned 22. I’ve conducted my first test for my students. I’ve traveled. I’ve had both good and bad experiences. I finally have a Chinese tutor (for free), and America has elected Donald Trump as president. It’s been almost a month and a half since I last update... Read Full Entry

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Dining areaDining area
Dining area

Fancy right?
Changsha crew meetingChangsha crew meeting
Changsha crew meeting

One a month everyone who lives in Changsha gathers for a meeting and we discuss teaching styles, strengths and weaknesses.
Everyday life (vegetable market)Everyday life (vegetable market)
Everyday life (vegetable market)

I love how fresh food is so easily accessible.
Everyday life (street food)Everyday life (street food)
Everyday life (street food)

I often get lamb skewers. One of my favorite lte night snacks when I'm just strollin.
Everyday lifeEveryday life
Everyday life

What small owned family business shops look like. They have a little bit of everything.
Everyday lifeEveryday life
Everyday life

This is a very cheap buffet style place I often go to. It's hot fresh food and very healthy.
Everydya life (Street food)Everydya life (Street food)
Everydya life (Street food)

A place near Anahita's place. She lives in the heart of the city and there are alleyways of street food by her. This is so grilled shrimp. It was amazing!
My neighborsMy neighbors
My neighbors

Here is Charles. The cute 9 year old boy I tutor. And my Chinese teacher. She is so sweet and an amazing teacher.

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