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August 11th 2010
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Hi All,

Got a little bit lost today but it all worked out ok in the end.

We started off the day by meeting an Italian couple from Turin at the bus station. They are here in China on holiday. We couldn't find the bus stop so we took another bus instead. I thought I had seen the Gualin Temple from the bus yesterday so off we went. We got off where I thought the temple was. Unfortunatly it wasn't a temple but some gardens for the peony flowers, which is all well and good but they aren't in flower at the moment. After a little help from a policeman, I must try and learn some chinese if only for directions, we got onto another bus and found the temple. Big hi to the old chinese guy on the bus who chatted away with us for most of the journey, again goodness knows what he was saying.

After the Gualin Temple we then needed to catch another bus to the White Horse Temple. I knew the bus number but was unsure as to which direction we should go. I asked for help from these two guys who turned out to be Korean. They are studying Chinese here. They spoke excellent English and helped us find the correct bus.

So we arrived at the White Hores Temple after a bone shking bus ride, you all think roads are bad in your country. The White Horse Temple is thought to be the first buddist temple on Chinese temple. Again beautiful inside and what peace and quiet. What was odd, and we didn't expect, is that there is also an Indian style temple there which was donated by the Indian government.

So our time here is up. So what will we take away from here? Dany really enjoyed the caves and I liked the White Horse temple. We will not miss the city itself as to be honest it's ugly, smelly and dirty. The smog here is choking.

So as always enjoy the photos and Jah Bless

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