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June 4th 2008
Published: June 21st 2008
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We arrived by train on Tuesday afternoon, then left by train on Wednesday night.
This is what happened in between.

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Met these two happy soulsMet these two happy souls
Met these two happy souls

while leaving Xian.
On the train from XianOn the train from Xian
On the train from Xian

With pot noodle & herb tea flask, I fitted in nicely.
We needed western food in LuoyangWe needed western food in Luoyang
We needed western food in Luoyang

bit sick of noodles. 24 hour McDonalds delivery...this is not good!
Wednesday arrived.Wednesday arrived.
Wednesday arrived.

A full day ahead...two places of interest to visit The Shaolin temple and monks & Longman caves.
Whats all this?Whats all this?
Whats all this?

Early morning march to practise sites.
Arrival of the shaolin boys.Arrival of the shaolin boys.
Arrival of the shaolin boys.

& little princess who wishes one day to find a Shaolin monk of her own.
Really young...proving that.....Really young...proving that.....
Really young...proving that.....

"Rotten wood cannot be carved"
"Raise your sail one foot"Raise your sail one foot
"Raise your sail one foot

and you get ten feet of wind."
Another feild full of young monksAnother feild full of young monks
Another feild full of young monks

The security guards in Beijing came to mind.
"Patience is power..... "Patience is power.....
"Patience is power.....

with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes silk."
Hold that my Stu?Hold that my Stu?
Hold that my Stu?

Dont get the 'professional'photo done here, they blur the faces, then fight you they are right... I took this.
A show of courage.A show of courage.
A show of courage.

or stupidity.

21st June 2008

Your blogs are great even when you don't write. Great photos!!! Kent
21st June 2008

there, you did it. almost a one-liner.
23rd June 2008

I love it!
Love your pics as always and really relate to the effort it takes to maintain. Keep smiling, Sx
23rd June 2008

Hi Claire, Still reading them and good to know you are OK. I will get on my bike one day when I have the balls to pack it all in, and never look back. Yer old mucker Griff.

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