A Terrible, Horrible, Only a Little Good, But Mostly Very Bad Day

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November 6th 2010
Published: November 16th 2010
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I have officially had a terrible day. There have been some high points and bright spots it is true but it has officially been my worst day in China thus far.

We were done with midterms on Friday so the students and foreign teachers get Monday off. In celebration Becca, Pamela, our friend Steph and I were going to spend a couple of days in Hangzhou which is were the beautiful West Lake is. We were so excited for the trip but it started off rocky from the start. We had to travel 2 hours across Shanghai to get to the train station to take a 40 minute train. It took so long on the metro that Becca and I just gave up and took a cab for the last little bit so that we would not miss the train. I was also waiting by my phone because I was expecting a phone call from my Meredith girls which never came. I am sorry to say this girls but I was pretty upset about this. I thought yall were gonna call about corn : (.

The train ride and journey there went smoothly until we got to our hostel. I was so excited because we found a nice hostel that was only $5 USD a night. It was such a steal and we were so excited... UNTIL we got there and realized that we needed our passports. Looking back it seems really stupid not to bring them with us, but Becca and I had had a conversation about it earlier in the day and we said that we didnt think we should take them... STUPID IDEA. We could not get a hostel without our passport and so we were at a loss of what to do.Pamela was the only one smart enough to bring her passport so she got a room. Becca and Steph were ok with either staying up all night or crashing in a friends hostel both ideas though I must say I was a little hesitant about. I am no fun to travel with or be around when I have not had enough sleep, and I know this about myself. So after much deliberation and sadness for having to leave Hangzhou early I decided to try and switch my return ticket to go back to Shanghai. It was impossible to find a cab back to the train station so I had to take a bike rickshaw. AND somewhere between leaving Becca and switching my train ticket my cell phone disappeared. I dont know if it was picked off me in the crowds of the station or if it just fell out of my pocket at some point but all I know is that I have lost my blackberry and I am VERY VERY SAD about this.

SO after and long journey back in the evening and an even longer metro ride I am finally home and able to fully digest how annoyed I am at the whole situation. Also I cant even find my spare phone so that is even more annoying. AHHHH

till next time... hopefully it will be a little more positive than this post.


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