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December 16th 2012
Published: December 16th 2012
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My teacher choked to death on a ham sandwich" Dai
"Really, did he die?" Belle

This week it was Kathryn's Birthday - I can't believe that she is 20. It sounds so old to say that my little sister is 20... at least Nick is still a teenager.

On the 28th the gang and I went into Sanya town centre... we walked over the wavy bridge - which is exactly what it sounds like, a pedestrian bridge that is full of little hills so it looks like a wave, and is so amazingly fun to walk over that everyone gets a little bit excited. We had some noodle soup in a little Chinese place - which is becoming so normal and regular it seems almost nonsensical to mention it. And then we went onto a hotel in Da Dong Hai to go bowling!

On Thursday, everyone seemed to have stuff to do, so Anna and I sat in her room all afternoon with some cold beers and some 90s tunes... and just gossiped and chatted for hours. Today was the first time that I have done insanity after drinking alcohol... and to be honest it probably made it easier, as I just gave up a lot quicker and did what I wanted - although I think the boys may have been a little peeved at the giggling coming from the back row.

I learnt a new Russian card game this week - so I'll have to try and remember it for when I get home - it involves ganging up on one particular person... but it's all luck, so I like it.

On Friday night I met a man called Jake who had been to Lancaster back in the day - he graduated about 10 years before me and he was in Fylde College. It was bizarre answering all his questions about the Carleton and the Water Witch and those slutty Lonsdale girls - it seems not much has changed there since he left! We got back very late again after a night on the town. But Anna had an early morning flight to Shanghai and had to get up at 5.45.

Now being the light sleeper that I am, and also a very nice person, I told her that I would get up to make sure that she was awake. So at 4.20am I made it to my bed, ready for a long night's sleep. It's lucky that I did get up - after finally praying my head away from the toilet bowl - overtiredness is my vice - as no one was stirring in her bedroom. Dai and Kai had fallen asleep in Anna's room just after I had left. Luckily I had made everyone set their alarms before I had gone to bed, so Dai was not in such a deep slumber. And as I knocked on the door, he suddenly realised why all the phones were making noises and let me in. Anna, face down on the bed, had thrown her phone across the room in anger, and Kai was out like a light - I'm not sure he was even breathing. She never would have made the flight in time if it were not for my vigilant nature!

Dai and I walked Anna to the front of the uni to get a cab - leaving Kai unconscious in the room. We were both desperate for water and severely dehydrated, so went walking around the Chinese streets and 6.30 in the morning looking for an open shop... when we finally found one and got back home, we were both wide awake and wanting a cup of coffee. So we woke up Kai and decided to play cards. Unsurprisingly he wasn't very happy at being woken up at 7am and was moody all through the card games. Finally at 9am we decided to call it quits and try and get a decent night’s sleep. Kai decided that it was breakfast time and he wanted to go to the beach. He sent me a text at about 11am waking me up - it said something along the lines of, if I can't sleep you shouldn't be allowed to either - come to the beach.

I decided not to wake up the others till about 1pm, just because I am nice - and one person operating on about 4 hours sleep is enough - I don’t need more in my life. So I woke up Dai and Belle and we headed to the beach for lunch time - shattered and exhausted, so much had already happened! Spent the day at the beach again, playing catch, swimming and sunbathing (in December) - tropical island life is so hard core. Some peanut jiao zi later and we were on our way home, finally I had a date with my pillow.

Sunday was also spent at the beach, but this time, we took the bus for 2 hours to get to Yalong Wan - the most famous beach on Hainan Island - very clear water, very soft sand, and very expensive shade... needless to say we couldn’t afford to sit under the umbrellas, so I did get a lovely tan 😊 You could see all the fish in the water, the only shame was that it was so shallow, you could walk forever and only be up to your waist - unfortunately, you're not allowed to walk for miles as you have to stay in the swimmer zones. The Chinese really do know how to ruin nature’s beauty. But they're all so scared of water - it's very natural to them.

It's finally December and I have been opening my picture advent calendar... it doesn’t feel like December because of the heat and the sun... it's going to be a very different experience this year.


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