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December 14th 2012
Published: December 14th 2012
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Happy Thanksgiving Kai!!

Still behind on my blog as you can see from the ^^ title... however, I am catching up; give me a week or so!

I had to go to the police station this week so I could report my stolen wallet... three police stations and a wild goose chase around town in the rain was only to be followed by a cocky policeman telling me that it was physically impossible to have something stolen whilst walking along the street. Joy. On the plus side, the Chinese government now have my finger prints.

In other news... and probably more optimistic news, Charlie and Dai took us to a new resturant where they serve dongbei food (literally north-eastern). Cheap and yummy... and although coated in oil, it was considerably less slimy than in the university canteen. Sweet and sour pork and some sizzling beef later; it was a happy home time. The gluttonous eating continued throughout the week as Thursday was that famous holiday - thanksgiving.

After our insanity workout (yes... we're still on it) we met Kai, ready to be his home from home. We left the university campus, and set out to find a Chinese restaurant recommended by the Japanese student. Belle had had a dream the previous night where we were crossing the road and were kidnapped, and a lot of stuff happened, but basically, I ended up dead. So I was feeling particularly confident walking along a dark Chinese road... so confident that I jumped when Kai dropped his cigarette. We gave thanks for everything before we ate... I gave particular mention to the fact that I was still alive, and Belle's dream had not proved a prediction.

On Friday we were invited to a dumpling making party by the "Chinese Salon". This is a group of students who are studying to become 'Chinese as a second language' teachers. I was seated next to two lovely girls, who spoke hardly any English and combined with my limited Chinese, it's no wonder we failed to have a deep and meaningful conversation - yet we still managed to not be too awkward over the 4 hour period. Most of the international students left right after we had eaten, but I thought that it was rude because they had put a lot of effort into the whole evening. In hindsight this was maybe not the most
70s & 80s Party70s & 80s Party70s & 80s Party

Lola, Belle, Anna & Me
sensible decision - they made me play musical chairs and sing a song. The students here really know how to throw a party!! I really didn’t like any of the games they made me play (and Gangnam style on repeat wasn't much help either) - why have I become so boring in my old age? They did repay me with some balloons and some Chinese paper cut outs - so I suppose that you could consider the night somewhat a success.

Saturday night was 70s and 80s party at the beach bar... Belle and I found some live music nearby and were happily dancing ballet when a French boy approached us to tell us how amazing we were. So... I spoke a lot of French that night. I left at about 2am to go home with Anna, Dai & Kai, and left Belle and Teddy to carry on dancing the night away. This may have been a mistake.

The next morning at 7am, there was a knock at my door. It was Belle, all of her things (including her room key, wallet and phone) had been locked in the beach bar. She had been off wandering and when she returned, the bar was all locked up and no one was around - her handbag was in a locker inside the bar. She had quickly found a very drunk Teddy and had to negotiate his and her own safe journey home - despite his jokes about having no money on him; they managed to pay a taxi driver and make their way back. Sounds like it was worth staying out!

I let her sleep in my room until about midday - but by then I was so bored and just had to have a shower and turn on the lights - no one should be asleep in the afternoon anyway.

I have nearly caught my blog up to the beginning of December, so bear with me - I have just finished my exams, so I should be able to write a little more next week. Until then, peace out x


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