Day 26 - Baisha, The Last of the Gunner Tribes

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April 25th 2012
Published: April 26th 2012
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Woke up this morning and headed staight for the nearby Dong Village. The village seemed deserted, so we hopped in our cars and drove through the mountains from Rongjiang to Sanjiang, stopping off at the Basha Village in the Qiandongnan Miao-dong Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou. The 499 households of Baisha folk live in harmony with nature, worshipping the tree and the sun. They believe their race was born from the stem of the maple tree. They are distinctive from other Miao cultures with the men bearing shaved heads except for the top middle piece which is grown long and twisted into a "Hugun" knot. These are the only people in China aside from the police and military that are allowed to carry guns. More like muskets, they were readily willing to discharge their firearms to the sky for a modest 10 kuai from any passing tourists. The scene reminded me of "The Last of the Mohicans", and it was hard for us to believe we were still in China. Following a light lunch amongst the Baisha, we hit the roads again and headed for another Dong village on the outskirts of Sanjiang. We'd not booked a hotel, but our guide found us a quaint little guesthouse in the pitchblack night, next to a river at the entrance to the Dong Village. At $20 dollars a night for a room, this little guesthouse, aptly named the Dong Village Guesthouse, was to prove to be one of the nicest places we'd stayed in so far.

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28th April 2012

haha, the problem in Qiandongnan religion is accommodation. it is hard to find a good and clean one. but I think it is also great to enjoy the real family house.
1st May 2012

I loved the place
You seem an expert of the region. Let's stay in touch and hopefully you can give me advice for next time I head to the Dong Villages
5th May 2012

hi Dean, I am not an expert at all. I am just interested in that religion. bust since I am chinese, I could read many books about that area. are you still in China? please feel free to ask me any Qs as needed.
5th May 2012

Yes, I live and work in Shanghai. If I ever get fired, I'm going to head to the Dong and Miao Villages and stay there for a year. I would love to write a book about the Chinese ethnic minorities. Would need the help of an expert like you though.
14th August 2012

How are you?
Sorry, I haven't logged in for a long time. that is also my dream, to record the ethnic groups' culture and stories. if it is possible, let's think about it together. ^^

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