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February 12th 2012
Published: February 13th 2012
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80km north of Baise is Lingyun, where the region surrounded by karst landform. the town is nicely set in within all those pop up hilltops. I quite like it in Lingyun, small enough and with many trails I could hike up for a good view in different karst hills. The nice little town build along the Sishui river with couple of bridges linking up both sides, the oldest should be the Taipingqiao bridge right outside the rebuild Confucious Temple said could date back 300 years ago. At night the river would lited up colourfully almost created the Lijiang sensation only without the tourists! The main economic is mineral especailly gold mine, but the unique Baihao tea became more known to outside about Lingyun. It is one of the rare kind that can produced into 6 different brands of tea. Indeed I love the full fragrance of the red tea with rich brownish colour. In Lingyun County live mostly Zhuang, Han and Yao people, and those are the ethnics I would see in each market inside the county. The Zhuang dress simlar to those in western Guangnan area in Yunnan, plain jacket with a dark stripe run along the lapel in front, but here many women still use cotton for their costume and wear tartan head turban. The Yao should be the Men Yao which they call themselve Shanzi Yao, the whole outfit are typical Yao style with pink streamer in front, they wear head scarf tied by white ribbon. It was easy to spend a few days in Lingyun as there are market everyday, with the well connected roadwork and the smallness of the county, one could easily visit 2 market in a day.

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