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April 2nd 2012
Published: April 3rd 2012
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Dudong township stood right at the corner of Guangxi, Hunan and Guizhou, the area live heavily with Dong minority. Once serpentine down the road after over the mountain from Sanjiang, Dong villages appeared one after one, the unique drum tower, wind-rain bridge and the wooden houses welcoming you through the window. The most famous bridge should be the Batun Bridge 3km before Dudong village, original built in year 1910, with a special design seperated two passage, one for cattle and one for mankind. Further another 10km is Ganchong village, said live more than 1000 families, there are some homestay places organised by local teacher, but the village not really appealing to me, perhaps because of the immense construction work inside the village, seem like every family is rebuilding thier house. heard there are couple of walking route to the nearby villages, but the sky was sour with cloudy face, I gave it a pass! The area began tea plantation business about 7 years ago, now it had become one of the main income for the local, you could see tea mountain everywhere here, "they can sell big money in the city with our tea" a local said to me(I guess because they ship it to Zhejiang area to faked the famous blend of Longjing Tea), they sell the fresh pick tea for 18 yuan a kilo to the trader. I was trying to buy some tea on market day, but none as they all sold to the dealer. Later in the afternoon I find the factory and brough myself some red tea, taste good but...a bit expansive...320/kg! Market in Dudong is small but busy. They said the buffalo market is one of the biggest in the area, not that impress anyways! As you already knew...this is Dong area, so...there are many Dong women show up in costume. I actually see 2 different style of dress, one is rather simple and plain outfit, with one single knot in the middle. the other wear headdress with embroidery, long sleeve robe open from the left and tied by a girdle, but some women wore thinner and plain material.

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