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Asia » China » Guangxi » Liuzhou June 25th 2014

Accidentially run into the Zhongdu Temple Fair when I was looking for a retreated place from the hot and humid weather, just wanted to lay low for a while from the heat! Zhongdu sound great from what I read from internet, an old village with small street and lane for wandering, especailly the piers along the river, huge trees with shade and quiet environment. the small hilltop in town where stood an old fort and provided superb viewpoint! The surrounding also claimed some wonderful landscape with caves and waterfalls, main aim for this journey is to watch the world-cup final, as there was no full broadcasting in Hongkong. beside...the heat really stop me from exposed myself in the open too much! The Lunar May 28th is a date for the Cheng-Huang Temple Fair in many ... read more
Temple scene
Temple scene
the parade

Asia » China » Guangxi » Liuzhou April 5th 2012

The motorbike drop me off in the middle of nowhere in the mountain, pointed me to a small trail by the roadside leading uphill. "walk up that direction" the driver told me. "is it where the festival taking place?" I wondered to myself. It was already 10am and there was no one in sight, nothing suggested anything is going on, well...I paid 40 yuan for the ride from Tongle, I better trust the driver and followed his direction. Luckily the trail wasn't too difficult to figure out the right route, 30 minutes later I came to the col and couple of makeshift canteen already there, dozen of people scattering in different spots, waiting for thing to happen I guess. At least...I came to the festival ground! they told me I was early, "by noon!" they all ... read more
Lao Miao girl
the festival ground
the on coming crowds

Asia » China » Guangxi » Liuzhou April 2nd 2012

Dudong township stood right at the corner of Guangxi, Hunan and Guizhou, the area live heavily with Dong minority. Once serpentine down the road after over the mountain from Sanjiang, Dong villages appeared one after one, the unique drum tower, wind-rain bridge and the wooden houses welcoming you through the window. The most famous bridge should be the Batun Bridge 3km before Dudong village, original built in year 1910, with a special design seperated two passage, one for cattle and one for mankind. Further another 10km is Ganchong village, said live more than 1000 families, there are some homestay places organised by local teacher, but the village not really appealing to me, perhaps because of the immense construction work inside the village, seem like every family is rebuilding thier house. heard there are couple of walking ... read more
Dudong drum tower
the Batun Bridge
the Batun Bridge

Asia » China » Guangxi » Liuzhou March 31st 2012

I hated it so much the last time I came to the northern Guangxi area. That was almost 10 years ago and road construction work seem never ending, really pain in the arse...mean pain!!! you always find yourself seat and wait inside the windows closed bus wouldn't dare open the window because of the dust. I came back up here just because I didn't feel like going home that soon, and seem like all the road had been upgraded(I wouldn't surprise if it wasn't). Ride on a comfortable train from Nanning and landed myself in Rongshui, The county claimed to be one of the ethnic heaven of Dong and Miao, and famous for a series of Newyear event during Lunar January. I was hoping to find another Yao subgroup In Tonglian township, the 4 hours ... read more
Rongshui town
river life
river crossing

Asia » China » Guangxi » Liuzhou April 9th 2010

Day 133: Friday, April 9th, 2010. Hua Shan to Liuzhou, China. Per Intrepid Notes, "Day 15 Liuzhou On day 15, we have a long journey ahead of us. Leaving Hua Shan in the morning, we transfer back to Ningming (approx. 1 hour) and board a public bus to Nanning (approx. 2 hours). From Nanning, we board another bus to our destination for the night, Liuzhou (approx. 4 hours). We have the afternoon and the next morning free in Liuzhou to explore the local markets or head to the centre of town for a more up-market shopping experience. In Liuzhou we stay in a comfortable and centrally located hotel. We will take an afternoon stroll near our hotel for a short orientation walk to find the nearest bank, internet cafe and local eateries." Should have doped myself ... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi » Liuzhou November 29th 2009

Kaum war ich in den Bus gestiegen war ich auf einmal wieder im "richtigen" China. Ich war der einzige Europäer, kein ensch sprach Englisch und ich hörte wieder ein Wort, das ich mindestens zehn Tage lang nicht gehört habe: Laowai. In Liuzhou wollte ich übernachten. Wir kamen im Dunken an und ich konnte auch nicht mehr auf meinen Lonely Planet China zurückgreifen, um eine Bleibe zu suchen, da ich diesen in Yangshuo gegen den LP-Klassiker "Southeast Asia on a Shoestring eingetauscht hatte. Zum Glück wusste ich noch,dass in der näheren Umgebung mehrere Billigunterkünfte sein sollten. Natürlich hatte ich nicht bedacht, dass deren Beschilderung lediglich auf chinesisch vorliegen würde und das 3-Sterne-Hotel direkt im Busbahnhofsgebäude war für meine Verhältnisse zu teuer. Nach einigem Herumspazieren entdeckte ich aber schräg gegenüber das "Going Home Hotel". Für die Ang... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi » Liuzhou February 7th 2009

Day 21 Liuzhou Today we have a long journey ahead of us. Leaving Hua Shan in the morning, we transfer back to Ningming (approx. 1 hour) and board a public bus to Nanning (approx. 2 hours). From Nanning, we board another bus to our destination for the night, Liuzhou (approx. 4 hours). We have the afternoon and the next morning free in Liuzhou to explore. ----------... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi » Liuzhou July 13th 2008

Liuzhou's Dragon Pool Park Although barely known, Guangxi's City of Liuzhou is one of my favorite places to get away from Guilin for a couple of days. When I first visited the city, I hated it. It was four years ago and the city was dirty, dingy, and the air was brown. It was really bad! In the last few years, the city has been working to clean itself up, and what it has been doing has worked! The city moved the airport and major industrial areas away from the city proper, the parks have all been redone, a huge comprehensive museum has just been opened, and the downtown area has received a major facelift. I think in the future, Liuzhou will become a major destination for visitors to Guangxi. I now love the city. ... read more
Pavilions on the top of the mountain
A bicycle built for three
Dong Minority Drum Tower

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