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September 22nd 2007
Published: July 5th 2011
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Guilin, one of the most famous cities in China, located at north of Guangxi province, the south of China, Guilin have a wonderful natural beauty, there is a popular saying in China: "the mountains and rivers of Guilin can be compared to the world's", basically the geological format of Guilin is a lot of mountains surrounded by rivers, indeed it is a beautiful scene. Also the Guangxi province have the biggest ethnic minority of China, the Zhuang ethnicity, even now the Chinese government try to protect the ethnic minority, the most of ethnic minority are converting to the Han ethnicity that represent more than 90% of Chinese population, and that turns one of my purpose for the trips in China, looking for the real ethnic minority.
The Guilin is not a rich city, there is no such people comparing to coastal cities also, maybe that is why I felt more kindness there, normally the Chinese service is very nice for the foreigner, but very rough for the Chinese people, and I am a Chinese for them.
The Li River, the main tourist path from Guilin to Yangshuo, we got the boat from the Guilin, on the river you can see the mountains around, almost the every mountain have some story and based on that story they image many figures for the mountain, house, monkey, eagle, woman, etc, they always saying 30% for the similarity and 70% for the imagination. Sometimes we just had a impression that the Chinese people is highly junkie. Leaving the imagination on its side, the scene is wonderful, and it is also the scene of the 20 yuan, after this trip we got a new goal, go to the bank note scene.
Yangshuo, this a little city from south of Guilin, its like a mini Guilin, and the people there also say "the mountains and rivers of Yangshuo can be compared to the Guilin's", and the most interesting thing there is the Liusanjie's show in my opinion, this show is made by famous Chinese director: Zhang Yimou; the show use the natural resource as theater, the Li river, the mountains, to tell a story about the Liusanjie, the legendary woman of Zhuang ethnicity, famous by your song and intelligence, and the show is unique and impressive.
There are some grotto around the Guilin, it is beautiful, but it is already to "modern" with those lights, I prefer the wild nature, and almost in the end of trip we discovered the rice terrace Longsheng in the north of Guilin, but we have no time to explore it, so that will be our future plan.

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