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April 3rd 2006
Published: April 10th 2006
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Peak of Solitary BeautyPeak of Solitary BeautyPeak of Solitary Beauty

This is a lovely small peak in the center of the city. We climbed to the top to enjoy a wonderful view. Note the many hills in the background
Hell Flight: I must share my experience at the flight from Beijing to Guangxi.
After just a few minutes in the plane, I started to fear that I would not arrive alive in Guilin, not because of a plane crash, but because the bad breath of the man by my side was going to kill me. I am not exagerating. It was lethal!!! Thanks to finding a strongly smelling lotion in my bag, which I practically put inside my nose, I am still alive to write to you.
A troll to the bathroom revealed that we were 2 of the 3 non-chinese people on the packed flight.
The bathroom smelled soooooooo horrible and the floor and toilet were sooooo completely wet. Needless to say, I had to go back to my seat and hardly breath for the rest of the trip.

But I survived, and I here to talk about my destination:
Guangxi is one of the 5 autonomous regions in China, which in theory only, have an element of self-government. It borders Vietnam. It's humid.
Guilin is an oasis of fairy-tale limestone stone peaks. Lakes, hills, pagodas, gardens by the water,... makes this a very nice city.
I strolled
Hills of GuilinHills of GuilinHills of Guilin

Amanda $ Patricia climbing hill
by the paths around the lakes to witness locals strolling until past 11pm, some massaging themselves (face, ears...), others practicing tai-chi, many playing cards or checkers.
definetely a great place to visit!
Ah. I had great massageS, for 30 yuan per hour (less tham $8)!! Im being spoiled or what?


Guangxi faz fronteira com o Vietnam e eh uma das 5 regioes "autonomas" na China. Pelo menos em teoria, elas tem um elemento de governo proprio que favorecem as minorias que as habitam. Guilin eh a maior cidade desta regiao. Eh um oasis de picos de pedras. Sao muitas as colinas, pontes, lagos, jardins, pessoas interessantes.

Additional photos below
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moon Hill Peak moon Hill Peak
moon Hill Peak

Amanda $ John about to climb another hill
Typical minority clothingTypical minority clothing
Typical minority clothing

Amanda, Patricia and Guilin girls at bottom of Moon Hill

Old folksOld folks
Old folks

playing cards, talking, singing... they pass their time.

11th April 2006

I am jealous of your trip through China. My two trips have both been too short and only to Shanghai. Angela and I will have to get some info from you on where to go so we can go exploring as well. Love the updates.
11th April 2006

Hi Mark
Great to hear from you. I'll be more than glad to share. This trip has been incredible. Please keep in touch. It helps me feel connect to my "real" world.
13th April 2006

Como se fala pipoca em chines?
Oi Pa, estou curtindo a China com voce. Quando voces voltam? Beijos, Jeanete

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