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March 15th 2012
Published: March 21st 2012
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While it's no longer foggy, there is stil a bit of a haze and I just saw the sun for the first time in months. Between that and slightly warmer temperatures (70 F/20 C) I decided to open up the windows and get some cleaning done.

The one thing I've noticed this year, more than any other year, is that mold is everywhere. I've kept my heat running to dry out my apartment, but to no avail. It's on my shoes, my purses, my walls, under my stove, under my fridge, on my dining table and chair, and even on the bamboo rod I keep in the track of my sliding door. I didn't know mold could grow in some of those places! Today I just found it growing in my microwave! I've removed it a few times in the bathroom and my kitchen, but two days later, it's back. This time I went after it with some bleach water and that seemed to do a pretty good job.

I hope it doesn't come back again. But I know it will.

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21st March 2012

A positive thing about Hangzhou is since it is colder the mold isn't as bad here, but we still have a little of it. Bleach and hot water always do the trick.

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