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February 20th 2012
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Meeting ma ma for the first time.
I'm please to anounce our newest addition Shao Fu Sha, soon to be Lilly Fu Sha. This was time wasn't anything like the quiet small Gotcha day #1 with Rose. Including her there were only 3 kids so it was kind of quite, not a lot of crying. Today...not so quite, and lots of crying. I didn't get a count but there was a large group of people speaking something like Spanish, but not quite. There was also several of us that were groups of 1.

Sha Sha came up to both of us and said I love you ma ma, ba ba with the most infectious smile you have ever seen. However she lost that smile when all the other kids started crying and her nannies started telling her they were leaving. It hard kind of crying that makes you shake kind of crying. Rose also started acting upset and didn't want to be in any of the pictures. She even started crying loud as the rest of them. Honestly we both think she was scared more then anything be cause we've been talking to her about her little sister that would be joining us.

On the ride
Talking to one of the NanniesTalking to one of the NanniesTalking to one of the Nannies

The people came with Sha Sha, they all seemed to be crazy about her.
back here everyone settled down and Rose is back to being the loving little girl she had been. I think both Jasmine and Rose are going to take to this big sister thing really quickly. They wanted her to set between them during supper and took turns wiping her mouth if she got anything on it. Well see how that goes when Sha Sha comes to tattle on her big sisters ;-)

Short blog but wanted to get this on with a few pictures before we put everyone to bed for the night. More later.

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Blury group shotBlury group shot
Blury group shot

To much moving around to get a good shot
Main enteranceMain enterance
Main enterance

Big room with lots of people and lots of pictures of kids.
Ba ba and the girlsBa ba and the girls
Ba ba and the girls

Back at the room, alls quite now.

You got to love that smile.

20th February 2012

What a wonderful looking family!!! Congratulations!
20th February 2012

Looks like dad is slightly out numbered now doesn't it :-)
20th February 2012

Im so glad everything went well. Is Lilly just one year younger? She looks so tiny to me! I cant wait to meet them!!
20th February 2012

Lilly is 7
Yes she is tiny, smaller then we were expecting, even both of the other girls think she's tiny.

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