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September 5th 2018
Published: September 5th 2018
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So, to give a bit of a background, I am going to tell you a story.

About Mid-May I received a text message from my husband. It simply said “Call Nick. I want to talk to him.” Nick is a friend of mine from high school; we also went to the same college together and had similar circles of friends. Since we moved to Richmond, I told Blake that if he ever had questions about God, that my friend Nick could give him the best advice (sorry man, but I did). So hearing this, my heart lept. I had been praying to God that Blake’s heart would be healed and he could fully rely on God. Blake is a Christian, we had gone to church together most of our relationship, but there’s a difference betweeen knowing who God is and having a relationship with him. So, A mixture of Nick And his wife Carrie, we headed to Centerpoint Church one Sunday. About a week later, I got home from work and I was cooking dinner when Blake simply said, “I talked with God today.” I stopped what I was doing and said, “Yeah, about what?” His response was “Oh, ya know. Stuff. Trusting him, believing in Him, things like that” rather non-chalantly And he goes, “I think I’m going to like Centerpoint.” I’m pretty sure I cried myself to sleep with joy about the work God was going to be doing in our lives.

A few weeks later was when we received the call from Shanghai and English First. Fast Forward three months and here we are, 1 month into a 12 month contract. Blake and I had been at odds with each other over small things that seemed like big things. Finally one afternoon he looked at me and said, “Man am I homesick. I’d give anything to hear Furtick speak.” Pastor Steve Furtick is the lead pastor of Elevation Church, where we went when we lived in Charlotte.

Luckily we have channels to access US apps and websites here and we were able to bring up our app. Saturday night, we prayed together In the middle of the subway for God get us through this. Monday morning (Sunday night for you east coasters) we laid in bed scrolling through the app when we decided on his sermon, “Movie in my mind.”

By the end of the sermon, we Were in awe. I looked at Blake and said “well what do you think?” Blake’s response was “well that hit home.” All our doubts, uncertainties, unanswered questions seemed to have a clear answer. We came here believing God brought us here for a reason And that we needed to trust him. Simply trust.

Now, if you know either of us personally you know a few things: we are IMPATIENT. We like to DEBATE. But we are also PASSIONATE. We are also LOVING and KIND. It’s why we married, we get each other.

I share all of this to bring you up to speed for today: we woke up late. We were late to the visa office. We had no clue where to get his medication. We had no idea what his job was going to bring - it’s a new career. We get home, and while he is getting to work, i just start praying. I’m not even sure the words i put into the prayer, but i was praying for patience and understanding and Answers and to be calm. We catch an elevator. In it, a young American. We start talking about finally seeing a native english speaker in our complex and the guy laughed. He worked at Blakes company but a different location and had been there for about six months. The three of us talked for about 15 minutes. Without meaning to, this guy answered every doubt we had. In less than an hour, we went from being cross and anxious to prayer. From what do we do and what’s your opinion to me saying to Blake, “God said to trust him. So we trust. This doubt we have? That’s satan caused, not God caused.”

We parted ways, and got on the train. Blake looks at me and goes “I think that was a God moment. He’s been waiting to see us fully rely on him instead of ourselves befor giving us answers. I think we just got all of our answers.”

I dont think i have ever experienced such a smack in the face response from God. I’m sure throughout my life He has sent little nuances to remind me of his work and his promise. But today? Today was that moment for us. Casting all our cares on him, he cares for us.


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