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November 25th 2013
Published: November 25th 2013
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This is the absolute best!
Let me show you my favorite place in China! But don’t expect me to tell you where it is exactly. It is the quietest and most secret place I know in the entire country and I strongly intend on keeping it this way. I have already witnessed too many terrible changes due to the development of tourism in the Middle Kingdom to actually tell you where this hidden paradise is located. It is in Fujian; it is not too far from Fuzhou City but that’s it, you won’t get any other info from me! We took a bus that dropped us in the middle of nowhere. We crossed a river on a boat and then we started hiking towards the mountains.

It felt so amazing to get away from people. Did you see my last blog on Hangzhou and how crowded it was around West Lake? Well, 24 hours later, Becky and I were in Paradise! Complete quietness except for the sound of water running and birds singing. We spent 4 days in this little heaven and in total we ran into 1 person only: a fisherman. Now, seeing only 1 person in 4 days during National Holiday in China, you can call this an accomplishment! Becky wanted to get away from everything, I delivered! ;-)

We camped by the river. Imagine falling asleep to the sound of water at night, having breakfast with your feet in the river, sunbathing while reading on a stretch of sand, going for a swim, diving off a cliff and enjoy the most serene atmosphere China has to offer. COMPLETE JOY! Complete privacy! It was a surrealistic experience, given the fact that we were still in China during the October Holiday, when millions of Chinese hit the road for a break.

We put our swim suits on (Becky wore a shirt in order not to get sunburned) and we followed the river upstream. We wore shoes because of all the rocks in the riverbed. It was extremely slippery. We walked; we swam; we splashed each other; we relaxed; we enjoyed. I think the best was to sit or lie down on the rocks polished by the water, and feel the water running down strongly on our shoulders or calves. Mountains, forest, secrecy of the place, blue sky, sunshine, clear water, tiny fishes biting my feet, and a beautiful girl by my side! What else could I ask for?

We used my little gas stove to cook at night: noodles, carrots, salads, tuna… Lots of cookies (I am sorry once again for eating your last favorite biscuit, Becky! I honestly thought we had bought 2 packs of those…) After dinner, we’d bathe in the river and watch a million stars above the tent and admire amazing fireflies flying around. It was quite romantic!

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my hidden paradise. I loved sharing it… with my girl and the mosquitoes!! No one else, sorry!

Voici les photos de mon endroit préféré en Chine. Je l’ai découvert il y a quelques années de cela et je m’y rends chaque été. Cette année, j’étais sur la route donc je n’ai pas pu m’y rendre en juillet-aout. Quand Becky m’a dit qu’elle voulait essayer de trouver un endroit calme pour passer les vacances d’octobre tranquillement (des millions de Chinois partent en vacances a cette époque ; vous avez vu mon précédent blog ?) j’ai tout de suite pensé a mon endroit secret dans la province du Fujian. Je veux le garder secret car je ne veux pas voir de route ou d’hôtels construits dans cette région. Cela ruinerait la magie de l’endroit !

Nous y avons campé 4 jours. 4 jours de baignade, marche, farniente, et plaisir. Amour et eau fraiche quoi ! ;-) J’espère que vous aimerez les photos. C’est quand même beau la Chine, non ? Bises à tous !

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My tired little BeckyMy tired little Becky
My tired little Becky

We got up early to get to my Secret Little Place
crossing the river then we'll start hikingcrossing the river then we'll start hiking
crossing the river then we'll start hiking

see the mountains? That's where we're heading
We do meet a few Chinese touristsWe do meet a few Chinese tourists
We do meet a few Chinese tourists

But let them be... we are going much farther.
it's getting late. Around 4pmit's getting late. Around 4pm
it's getting late. Around 4pm

view on our way upstream
The tent is set!The tent is set!
The tent is set!

Let's enjoy!
he was fishinghe was fishing
he was fishing

Check out what he's floating on...
The only person we would seeThe only person we would see
The only person we would see

during National Holiday - Oct. 2013

27th November 2013
Follow me into this vegetarian restaurant

je connais !
je connais ce restaurant !..................

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